IFVARB VA process - Is this normal?

I have just enrolled my ‘VA’ for the application process using the new IFVARB website. After filling everything in, it told me to check my email I put there stating:

ifvarb.com says: Please check your email for more information.”

It’s been 10 minutes now and there is still no new email in my inbox. Is the email going to be automatic (the system sending it) or will I have to wait for some time as IFVARB moderators are the ones sending the emails?

I’m fine with however long it takes, as I’m really excited for an answer, but I just want to know :)



If you don’t mind me asking what VA?

It’s usually an admin that pushes it, as they have to setup a code for you. Patience my friend.

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And to add to the comment above, #support is for problem encountered in-game. Change the category to #general please.

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IFVARB.com is a new system and we are still getting used to it, as well as ironing any bugs that are coming up. Please be patient whilst we work through this. If it said you should get an email you most likely will, it might just take some time :)


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Thanks :)

The VA I’ve been working on is called the Widerøe Virtual Airline. It isn’t on the reservation list and isn’t already approved…


Great! Thank you for all the help guys! This is always such a wonderful community :)

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Done! Thanks for the tip.

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