IFVARB Time Expectancy?

Hey guys!
So I submitted all the materials for review by the IFVARB about 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t got any response, any idea how long I should expect it to take?

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No idea. What did you apply for. A VA?

Yeah, a VA. SAS

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Oh cool! Good luck. I think there are lots of applications currently so I would wait another week.

Got it. Thanks!

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Three months is how long it usually takes

If you’ve sent all of your materials and applied correctly with an admin, they should’ve contacted you now, or will reply soon. Make sure that you have all of the appropriate materials in the PM, and that you’ve contacted the correct admin.

After looking over our documents, I’ve discovered that there is already an SAS VA that is reserved and is waiting to be reviewed. Unfortunately, that means that you cannot apply to create SAS VA. I suggest you contact the CEO of that VA and ask him about the VA.



I know I’m part of the one that’s reserved we’re looking to get approved

I think once your on the list it takes time to get approved like longer than the 2 weeks you stated

To be real. Months. Currently trying too get a VO approved with a friend of mine and we haven’t gotten anywhere


To speak from personal experience: it took 1 and a half months to get selected, and then an additional week to be approved for the VA I am involved in. This is not normal, you should expect up to 3 months of waiting before a decision is made, and then around a maximum of a month to get approved. It is a long process.

I think so far we have been trying for about 6 or so months now


It can take ages, took 3/4 months for us to even get considered.
Worth it in the end though.

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Thanks for all the replies you guys! Much appreciated

Your application is already in the selection pool as your ceo should have told you ;)

He did not haha. He’s not the best communication ;) Thanks @BluePanda900

It can take a while. I have had to apply twice and only on the second time was my VA approved for the review stage. Expect to wait a while because there is a limited amount of groups, and the groups take time to make that specific VA as good as possible

Quick tip: while you’re waiting for selection, I highly recommend you fine-tune your website and application forms, so they’re 100% the best you can do. The general trend is that the better your application is, the quicker you’ll be selected :)