IFVARB Summit Main Event I LEMD Tower ATC Timelapse

IFVARB Summit Main Event - Tower Timelapse

It’s been a while since I last posted a time-lapse of an ATC session, and today, I bring to you a time-lapse of the IFVARB summit main event. With over 250 pilots from 50 different VAs flying in and out of mainly Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (LEMD) (and an awesome start with a fly-past by @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE, as seen in the time-lapse!), over 15 controllers servicing all sorts of frequency, it sure was a hectic session, with aircrafts departing and arriving non-stop during the full 2 hours, as you can probably tell from the footage. So, enjoy! :)


ATIS (130.85): @JoshFly8
North Ramp (123.15): @alberto_lopez / @ykaviation
South Ramp (121.75): @patrickv
North Ground (123.00): @Erik_Popescu
South Ground (121.70): @CalvinV01 / @MrJackT14
North Tower (119.50): @TheAviationGallery
South Tower (120.65): @Pingu / @Rob_M
West Approach (127.50): @Rhys_V / @RadarVectors_Mumbai
East Approach (134.00): @NJ24 / @PlaneGeek
West Departure (124.22): @StefH
East Departure (131.17): @AviationReports
West Center (128.00): @DannyHL / @Maxim
East Center (129.00): @Nils_Esser

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 11.13.06 PM

Click the image above to view the video of the time-lapse.

Special thanks to the people at IFVARB, IFATC, as well as VA/VOs and the IFC for making this summit possible. See ya at the next one! ❤️


Look at all those departures yeeting out of there @DannyHL 😅

It was awesome controlling the departure tower - great job everyone!


i’m very proud 🥺