IFVARB Summit 2018 | Your thoughts?

Hey everyone!

First off, I would just like to say thank you to the IFATC, IFVARB and all the VA’s for making this Summit amazing! It was spectacular to see all these VA’s come into 1 Airport, and it work so well! 😁

Personally, even with all the heavy traffic, I didn’t feel trapped anywhere and it all went so smooth. ATC was right on top of their own game.

What are your thoughts on this Event?

Hope you all had fun at the Event, and thanks again to everyone for making this the best IFVARB Summit!



It was great (despite the lag for having a crappy phone), and everything was very smooth. The vectors were a bit tedious but they were great for the heaviness of the traffic. Overall it was a great event.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it due to connection issues. It did look good on Infinite Tracker though.


It was AMAZING! Everything went very smooth and I thought the IFVARB did a splendid job planning it out and I can’t wait for the next one.


It was amazing to see VAs fly in from their respective hubs kudos to IFATC and the IFVARB!

In my opinion it was really nice, got scared at one point since I was unable to contact Stuttgart approach, and thankfully the controller switched to another frequency so that made life easier

Kudos to the controllers, IFVARB, and VA’s that made this event the event of the year

@JoshFly8 @Dean.Gibson @Diederick @MarcelloM @BluePanda900 @Danman and all of IFVARB, IFC cant wait for the next one!


I felt that APP needed to give holds. It was clear that they were overwhelmed and instead of creating a constantly changing conga line putting people in holds and pulling them out one by one to form a line would have been more efficient and less stressful on both pilots and ATC. Overall, I thought even with that ATC was very well organized.

What I did not like was non VA attendees spawning into VA gates. These gates had already been reserved and non VA pilots spawning in the stands would have been more respectful for the VA pilots. I cant tell you how many VA members I saw having to go to random back up gates because someone was sitting at their gate. Very disrespectful of the community, when these gate assignments had been up for more than a few weeks. Really wish it were acceptable for IFATC to ghost those spectating at reserved gates.


You have to keep in mind not every person who uses IF is a part of the community. They probably just saw a lot of planes and thought it would be cool to watch. I wouldn’t call the community disrespectful, I would just say some pilots were confused. Ghosting wouldn’t fix that.


As a spectator from a nearby airport, I was able to watch as the crews started rolling in. And from an outsiders perspective, it was a great display of solidarity, cooperation, and perfectly executed organization. In my opinion the only other aspect or perspective that would have been cool to see, was VA’s rolling from the north, south, and east. Great job, and it was fun to monitor and watch the whole thing unfold.

Excellent summit, very well put on, kudos to the organizers


I could not stay for the entire Summit, however what I saw was nothing short of incredible. I saw our VA Community come together to fly into Frankfurt all in one group. Thank you to all of the participants – without you, we literally could not have pulled this off. You truly showed us what a community can do when we work together.

Huge thanks to @joshfly8, who did an incredible job getting and managing the ATC for the event and creating many of the procedures. @Danman also deserves a massive amount of praise for all of his work on the gate assignments and ground procedures, along with @Aquila who spent many hours analyzing the real world charts to give us accurate information. All the IFATC controllers: @Chris_Hoover, @Joseph_Krol, @mwe2187, @Diederick, @AdamCallow, @Brent_A, @Finley_Baverstock and @Trio and @Jose_Oscana (the real MVPs, who stayed and controlled for the entire summit without taking a break) for their fantastic service provided to all of the pilots today, accommodating those who were not aware of the procedures. Lastly, once again, I’d like to thank the community, who came out in the masses to support us all. It is a rewarding feeling – to know that everyone came to Frankfurt, taking hours out of their day, for something you have done. It is a feeling I get, and I’m sure everyone else gets when they do plan such large events, and without this amazing, helpful, supportive community, that never would’ve been possible.

Thank you and keep soaring,


I fell asleep and didn’t land. LOL great takeoff and fun.

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It was awesome!! the ATC was so Good! 😀

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It was a exciting and fun event. But i had 3 times (near collision with aircraft.) During take off, approach and landing. I know its very busy airport and atc were busy too. But i did my best to keep in separation as i could. I fotgot to screenshot during take off near collision. Screenshots:

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Chris knows what he’s doing. It might have seemed like he was ignoring you, but the airspace around EDDF was insane. It’s extremely hard for a controller to focus on one aircraft, nobodies perfect. The summit was probably the busiest time most of these controllers have controlled. Chris probably had a reasonable explanation to report you. All I’m saying is that I doubt he intentionally ignored you, he was just far too busy to track every individual move. I think there is just a misunderstanding.

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