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This could be considered a feature request but considering it does not pertain directly to a feature in IF I find it appropriate to post it here.
So we all (well you should) know about the rule that says you cannot hold a staff position at a VA whilst currently running a VA. Although this rule makes sense, there should be some exceptions. For example, a user may hold a role managing events at one VA that has a codeshare with the VA they own. In this case it would make sense to allow them to be at both as it is in there best interest to make events that benefit both VAs. Where it would not make sense is where a user is acting as a high up at another VA whilst running his own. CEOs have managers and other members for a reason. We should take this into consideration and evaluate these instances case by case, not making a mass assumption.
Thanks for reading, any regulars if you feel it fit to make this a feature request please do!


I agree with this. I am in the process of becoming a CEO at my own VA, but I will love to still hold my positions as staff at other VA’s and partner VA’s. I think the only exception should be for prior service as a staff and partnership.

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Maybe chuck this here: IFVARB Feedback and Questions

This would need to be something that the CEO’s of the VA’s vote upon. Best to bring up your suggestion with one of them or have one represent your idea so that it can be voted upon by them. The rule makings are now voted upon by the CEOs as they now have a more pronounced voice in the decision making process.


No, CEO’s shouldn’t be able to hold positions elsewhere, this avoids CEO’s becoming inactive in their own VA. And if they hold other jobs, they may find they like a VA more than their own, and leave the VA they’ve worked hard for, for a different VA.


Thanks for the insight on this Deer. Would you be cool with me contacting a few CEOs to talk about this?

Read what I said. It would be determined on a case to case basis, not a one size fits all system. IFVARB is highly regulated which is why it works in the first place.


You’re free to contact those that you wish. I was simply pulling the weight off of the IFVARB being accountable for this as its something that the CEO’s would have to accept. If they like and agree with the proposal you may see it as a new rule implemented.

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Typically, A CEO will stick with a VA, if they don’t most VAs have a no.2 person who could take over.

Also, just a heads up. This should go in #live:va.

Hi @anon82246052,

Thank you for your suggestion! It’s good to see community members interested to improve VA processes. After a discussion among CEOs regarding the proposed idea, no CEO was willing to endorse the rule amendment and put it to a vote. Unfortunately, we will have to decline making this adjustment.

Thanks again,
IFVARB Administration


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