IFVARB related help

Hi guys,
Basically I applied my VA to the IFVARB and they said It would take 48-72hours to get to the next stage. It’s been like 5 days and I messaged two of the admins and no response. Can someone help me and tell me why. I checked my reservation thing and still says waiting for approval by admin. 20%. Thanks

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I suggest waiting a bit more. They could be busy or just remind politely? That won’t harm you :)


Please note that the IFVARB is run by community members that volunteer their time. Many of them have school, jobs, and other obligations, so they may not get to your application right away.

I also see you’re a TL1 basic member. You need to be a TL2 to apply for a VA, so I would go back and read the requirements carefully before applying. If you have any questions about trust levels, feel free to PM me and we can have a chat about it and the requirements! I’ve also included the application link below detailing the requirements before applying.