IFVARB Regulations Refresh

Over the last few months, we at IFVARB feel that due to not only the usual effect of time, but also the lack of it amongst our members, that standards have slipped a little on our part. With it being summer, many of our members now have much more free time, and we felt it was time to get things properly organised and back up and running. So we’ve had a little refresher, with some minor changes as shown below.

The Team

IFVARB Administrator - @JoshFly8
IFVARB Administrator - @IceBlue

Head Of Score Moderation - @deercrusher
Moderator - @Wren_Jago
Moderator - @Leodhasach

Head Member - @chris_shaffer
Member - @Pilot8
Member - @bluepanda900

The Process

a.) A user who wants to start a virtual airline will contact an IFVARB Admin via PM - who will confirm the availability of the VA, and whether or not the user is eligible to claim it. Only 1 member should contact the IFVARB, and no one should be invited to the PM, without permission.

b) If so, the user will (be asked to) send a brief mission statement detailing routes, fleet, ranks, staff, and telling us why you’re a good candidate to lead a VA, as well as what is going to make your VA stand out.

c) Upon acceptance of the mission statement, the user will then provide the admin with a website, if ready.

d) This will then be graded within two weeks and will be handed back to the user, containing details for improvement if need be.

Our Policies

  • Users that stop and start a VA may only apply to make another when the admin team collectively feel that it would be more beneficial to the community this time. This has changed from the old, 30 day wait; we felt this disadvantaged users who had legitimately been planning on transitioning VAs in an effective manner for a while beforehand, but could also be too soon for others to return to the stage. This can now be determined specifically for each individual.

  • All posts in the #VA Category require permission from the admin team beforehand, please.

  • Any virtual and fully established group in the community will be considered a VA. e.g Plane and Pilots. Slack/Discord only groups are not supported.

  • Virtual Airlines should not have any users currently suspended from the IFC as either staff or regular members in their VA - if you have, please contact us for further clarification.

  • The application of a user may be suspended for as long as needed if they are in bad standing or have behaved in an unreasonable at any point throughout the process.

  • VAs should avoid mass advertising via PM, unreasonably long and/or unprofessional topic titles, and should only bump threads within reason.

  • We may require a presence in the public areas of your slack/discord.

  • VAs are expected to be respectful and act in an educated way on the the Infinite Flight Live Servers, and take both preemptive and post incident actions to ensure a good representation of their virtual. More to follow regarding this for VAs on the IFVARB Slack.

Thanks for all that you do to make this community an increasingly enjoyable place to be!


Looks like some good changes to hopefully make the IFC a better place. Good job guys 👍


A hope that we will have a great new generation of VA’s


I’m glad to see this outstanding group back in top form. Bravo Zulu to the team at IFVARB.


Some nice and needed changes, good job guys!


Thanks for the refresh IFVARB. I think it addresses many important areas of VAs.


Absolutely! [quote=“Chris_Ridgell, post:5, topic:125393, full:true”]
I’m glad to see this outstanding group back in top form. Bravo Zulu to the team at IFVARB.

We’ve got a few other things to tidy up, and then some other new stuff to implement in the next day or two, just rolling it all out slowly.

Edit ; A couple of things to add to the main post I forgot to add

  • If you’re associated with any undesirable individuals or groups, and/or if you’re seen being an idiot on Live a few times, you may be denied a a VA or a staff position in one. We’re working on a few more VA solutions to help educate users on Flying and ATC.

Thanks for the fresh changes. Hopefully these new rules will improve the quality of newer Virtual Airlines in the future 😊


My main concern with those banned from the IFC in a VA is knowing who is banned on the IFC. A list being made available for VA CEO would be helpful as even though we ask for the IFC username in Delta’s application, some of our members have joined by word of mouth and not through our advertisement on the IFC.


If I become a raving alcoholic in the next five years, I’m blaming in on you people.

Weeee forever!


And that’s what you always Crash

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I’ve been waiting for a response for 3 or 4 days now and I have had to send another message to staff. I feel this is still a problem to be resolved but otherwise it’s a good system!

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It may have the one or the other reason on your side as well. No offense.


I think your situation may fall under this:

In any event just exercise patience and I’m sure they will respond to you soon.

It is a problem being resolved currently, we’re working through the backlog as we speak. Must have got buried because I don’t remember seeing anything from you. Ping us again. Thanks.


We are currently working on a solution to this. Don’t worry for now.


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