IFVARB Recruiting Process | Membership Applications Open

Interested in joining the IFVARB? Look no further.

This is an exciting time for the category, with more and more VAs popping up daily and many inquires being directed to the administrators. In light of this resurgence in the past week, We have found some room to expand the team for the future. It is our policy to accommodate all VAs. It is our goal to meet the needs of any VA, which is where you guys come in.

In the ongoing effort to keep up with the pace of VAs being made and monitored, we would like to add several board members to the group for judging and grading those who need such a service. The faster we can get to everyone, the faster they can get their VAs running and delivering an outstanding service.


  • Must be 14 years of age or older.
  • Must NOT be an active member of any current VA.
    • We will consider the applications of those who resign from their VAs.
  • Must be a member of the community in good standing. TL3 or higher.
    • This includes never being banned or flagged intensively.
  • Must NOT be in contact with or associated with toxic, backwater, or third party groups.
  • Must make the effort to be active. One hour a week is not going to cut it.

What Am I Supposed to Do?

  1. PM me or @NEO with the following:

    • Full name
    • Age
    • Community status
  2. In your PM, attach responses to the following questions (with some effort, please):

    • Why should you be a member of the board?
    • What can you bring to the table?
    • Are you able to judge and grade VAs objectively with no external bias?
    • What are some of your major flaws?
  3. Await a reply from me or Jack. We will let you know if you have been accepted. If you have been revoked, then the process will end there for you. Further details will be given in PM to those who have passed the process.

Service is first and foremost. While we have a decent number of members, we want to expedite the experience for everyone. Make sure you can commit!

Good luck. :)


Would I be aloud to apply because I’m unsure with my history

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@Jordan2 ^


If you believe that you don’t meet the requirements in order to be part of the organization, then don’t apply :)


Hope we can get some hard working new members! @JoshFly8 I’m still waiting on the Chipotle.


Yes I would like to complain.
I have not received an answer, despite Joshua knowingly has seen the message.


I’m going to apply but I will be the one that gets shutdown after i get told I didn’t make it

Probably not the best way to apply… 🙄


Sent in my application, thank you guys for your service!


It says you have to be TL3, which you are not, and not be part of a third party group, which based off your bio, you are, so you do not meet the requirements. Not trying to be rude, but if you know that you don’t meet the requirements, there is not point in applying. Save the time and effort.


Can you explain what this is?


Essentially, if you’re doing incredibly stupid stuff with groups outside, but within IF’s sphere, (IFC Discord, for instance), you shouldn’t be applying. That stuff was bad. I couldn’t care less about what people are doing in their own lives, but if it relates to the community, it isn’t really good in terms of interest.


Still confused but ok… lol

Hm… let me try a different approach.

If you’re a part of a terrorist cyber attack cell targeting this site, don’t apply.



Ouch. That makes it sound worse than it is.
Then again, it’s true.

Well then. That clears it up.


My only point is that you are not allowing applicants from those who already are involved with a VA. surely if someone is involved with a VA that means they have an active intrest in the VA category and wanting to improve it, which is the purpose of the IFVARB? I would go as far as saying that when you convene a team to review a new VA that at least 1 to a maximum of 50% of the team are current members of a VA.

That would in fact help to reduce any bias views, not increase them.


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