IFVARB of the month @WSSS pictures

Dear people,

Today, I jumped into the replay to take take some nice shots of our group flight WSSS - KEWR in a B787-10.

This event was organised to celebrate the IFVARB of the month. This month’s airline was Singapore Virtual Airlines
With WSSS as our main airport we departed to several destinations which are flown by Singapore Airlines. It was beautiful to see different liveries from old to new. I took some pictures at Singapore Changi as well as my flight to Newark.


The A330 squad 😎

A picture of the DC-10 beauties.

and there we go on our way to Newark!

here we received an escort from a random guy. I guess it was a warm welcome to Alaska 😁

every flight comes to an end so here we landed at KEWR after a flight time of 17 hours and 43 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed them!

Interested in a large fleet with numerous destinations? Check out SVA’s website!


Singapore VA, One of IF’s best VA’s and the World best airline.


I totally agree with that!

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Looking good! 😎 Those are DC-10’s not MD-11’s by the way

Oops my bad 🤦‍♂️



Great pics @ESCORT01NL

Thanks my friend!

Nice picutures! On the 2nd image I thought it was the A350 lol.

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very nice, I loved it

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I think I am 3rd in line in the third picture :)

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Welcome to the community!

Thanks! Can’t wait for the A350 😜

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Cool! It was a great event with all these people and liveries.

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