IFVARB Member Applications Now Closed | Top Picks Announced

Thank you @Yacht!! I will definitely take that into consideration.



Now it’s your final chance to submit an application and become part of our team. Take your time & only press Send if you are 100% sure about your decision.



Can’t wait to see the result, so cool to see that a lot of people have applied! And, again, thanks for the opportunity!

All the best to all who’ve applied ;)


Good luck to everyone who applied!


Good luck to everyone that has applied for either role. Wishing everyone all the very best of luck!


This is certainly an exciting opportunity.

GoodLuck to everyone who has applied!


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We would like to thank each and every one of you for applying. We can not describe how happy we are seeing all these applications. As you may already know, we will only select a few of them. However, this does not mean that we will delete / forget all the other members who applied for one of the open positions. We will store them somewhere safe and will evaluate them again in future BM / EL position openings.

Without further ado, let us present you with some stats!

Information Total Board Member / Event Leader Position
Applications Received = 72 61 11
IFATC Members = 45 40 5
VA / VO Staff Members = 39 39 -
CEOs Applied = 13 13 -
Unique Page Views / Application Link Pressed 189
Total Messages Received for Questions / Issues 20
Applications denied due to incorrect submission 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1Question | Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svgAnswer

Q1 How do I know if I have been selected?

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg Those who have been selected to join our team will be privately messaged by one of the IFVARB Admins. (@Thomas_G, @Jon_H or @Danman)

Q1 Will I receive a message if I don’t get picked?

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg No. The admins will only message those who have been selected to join the team.

Q1 How many days until the results announcement?

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg We can not guarantee anything at this moment. The IFVARB Team will try their best to review applications as quickly as possible. We would like to remind you though that we have received more than 70 applications. As such, we will need some time, so we can choose the best of the best. Thank you for your understanding!

Q1 Where will the announcement be posted?

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg We will post the announcement on this thread and also here → . Moreover, we will notify everyone on the IFVARB Discord Server.

Q1 What happens if I don’t get picked?

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg As already mentioned, we will only pick a few members to represent IFVARB and help prospective VAs and VOs. Having said that, some of the applicants will not receive a “congrats” message. DO NOT WORRY! We will keep all the applications somewhere safe and once the time comes to select new BMs and/or ELs, the applications will be taken into account.

Q1 I have questions / concerns regarding the applications review process

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg No worries at all! We are more than happy to answer your questions! All you have to do is message IFVARB → and one of the admins will respond as soon as possible!

On behalf of the IFVARB Admin Team,

Good Luck! ✌🎉

We kindly ask that you keep the rest of the thread clear of new replies, so the FAQ remains at the end of the thread. Thank you one more time for your understanding and good luck!



Best of luck to all applicants! It’s exciting to see so many folks excited to help out. Working with the VARB is a true privilege and I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces on the team and working with new people.


I just saw that on Twitter the IFVARB told that we will have the results soon.

I can’t wait!

Again, wish all the best to all who’ve applied.


haha, saw that too.

Can’t wait for the results to be announced. Good luck to all!


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Please join us in welcoming the following members to the IFVARB team!

FVARB Event Leaders

IFVARB Board Members

Εικόνα1 - Note from the IFVARB Administration Team - Εικόνα1

After reviewing more than 70 applications, we can finally share our top picks from the list. If you did not receive a message, please don’t be disappointed. We are planning on expanding our team in the next months and previous applications WILL be taken into account!
Thank you!


Congrats to everyone Selected!!!


Thanks a lot to the IFVARB Team for the opportunity, I’m so proud to be a part of this team.

Congrats to all who had take the time to apply and congrats to all who have been selected!


Thank you all for the congrats. It is a pleasure to be given the opportunity to work with IFVARB in their hardwork for the VA/VO community. Thank you everyone for the wishes here as well as the ones in the Discord Server. I wish all the best to others who have been selected as a Board Member and as an Event Leader too. I hope to work hard and do the best of my role.

Thanks once again.


Incroyable ! Congratulations!

@Baba i am proud of you


Thanks a lot, means a lot for me!



I’m glad to be part of this Team, I really appreciate the opportunity to be here. Thanks, everyone for the warm welcome to the Server. Looking forward to work with yall. Once again, THANK YOU.


Congratulations Rafa! 🤩

As well as all the others. 😊


Congratulations everyone!


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