IFVARB Member Applications Now Closed | Top Picks Announced

IFVARB BM Applications Open

The IFVARB Admin Team is happy to announce the OPENING of applications for new IFVARB Members. Their main job is to help in the certification and review of Virtual Airlines and Organizations in the Infinite Flight Community.

1. Member (TL2) on the forum. 4. Previous experience working with VAs is encouraged, but not required
2. Must be in good standing on IFC and all external groups (IFATC, IFAET, etc.). 5. Preference is given to non-CEOs, however, we will not limit CEOs from applying. Please note that we prefer members to not be active VA/VO CEOs.
3. Limited need for moderation on IFC and all community extensions. 6. Familiarity with the IFVARB website and policies.

The VARB may decline your application for any reason at any time at their discretion

To apply for a position as a VARB Member, please fill out the application form at the link below:

Positions Status
Board Member CLOSED
Event Leader CLOSED

IFVARB Member Application Form ⟶

We ask that you provide accurate and honest information. We ask that you take the application seriously and provide answers to the best of your ability. The first step for our team in reviewing the application is reviewing the time that is put into each IFVARB Member Application.

Please remember that this is not a race and to take time on your application. We will review each individually, and very likely not in the order that they come in.

⤥ Deadline ⤦


Εικόνα1 All applications must be submitted within two (2) weeks. Once the applications close, each application will be discussed among the VARB staff to determine which users would be the best fit for the VARB. Each application will receive a response back via the IFC.

⤥ What does an Event Leader do? ⤦

Εικόνα1 Their main job will be to lead IFVARB events, such as SpotFlights and official summits. Moreover, they will have the responsibility of organising the events with the help of the IFVARB Event Team. Please note that grade 3 is required (access to Casual, Training & Expert Server).

⤥ What does a Board Member do? ⤦

Εικόνα1 An IFVARB Member is a key member of our Virtual Airline / Organization community. They are mentors for our VA/VO staff, guides for decisions surrounding the IFVARB and the community, and an essential part of our review process for newly applying VA/VOs in the certification process.

Εικόνα1 During the certification process, Board Members provide reviews of the application in several phases until the VA/VO meets the Leader’s or Admin’s approval for certification.

Εικόνα1 On the IFVARB Discord Server, Board Members are able to provide assistance and guidance to other staff, help with questions on the IFC, and more.

additional 1 Additional Information additional 1

A user’s previous postings on IFC and its extensions will be examined as well as the application provided. VARB staff will also contact the IFC moderators to determine the amount of previous moderation required in the past for the member who submitted the application in question.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question Answer
1. Is there an age restriction? Same as the requirement to have an IFC account: 13 years or older.
2. What is the activity requirement to serve as a Board Member? Board Members are expected to submit 1-2 reviews a week, as needed, which should not take longer than 1 hour in total
3. How many new Board Members will be selected? Currently, there is no set limit. Offers will be sent out to as many top candidates as necessary.
4. The application form is not working. What do I do? Just comment in this thread and we will look into it as quickly as possible.
5. I am a staff member / CEO at a VA/VO. Do I have to resign? Can I still become an IFVARB Member? VA/VO staff and CEO are eligible to serve as Board Members. Please do apply if you’re interested.

Q1 I have a question about becoming a Board Member Q1

This IFC thread will be open for the remainder of the application period for those interested in asking questions. You may also directly message the team @IFVARB via PM.

We kindly ask that answers are only given from IFVARB Admins, Leaders, Board Members and Infinite Flight Staff.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

Applications Status: CLOSED 🔒

Application Process | VA & VO Database | Active Reservations

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I highly encourage everyone who loves VAs and VOs to apply! We are excited to see all the new applicants and encourage those who have applied in the past to do so again!

Here are some of my personal tips for your application:

  1. Let your enthusiasm shine through! Those who have been most successful as board members are those who are genuinely excited to work and volunteer time to help new VAs get approved. If you really enjoy it, it doesn’t feel like work.
  2. Take your time. Write something you feel accurately portrays you to us. One sentence might be quick to write but definitely doesn’t reflect well.
  3. Bribes and gifts can be forwarded to my PM, thank you in advance!

Glad to see these open again!


This is really great!


Is there anyway to know if your application has been successfully sent? I sent mine but I haven’t received any notification or email regarding it so I’m wondering if my application went through.

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Great to see applications open again!

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Unfortunately, no notifications at the time of submission. If the page didn’t give you any errors then you’re good. But this gave me an idea, so I’m gonna look into adding an option to check the status of your application.


22 Applications SUCCESSFULLY Received!

WOW. It’s only been 3 hours and he have received more than 20 applications in total. Thanks everyone for your consideration!

To those who haven’t applied yet, let me remind you that you should not be in a hurry. Take your time before pressing Submit!



Where can i read some more about IFARB roles, their responsibilities?
And also, to apply, i need to know IFARB roles very good yes? So where can i find the whole list to check my knowledge?

Make that 23!

On another note, I’m really happy that you guys are opening up for applications again. I really love working with VAs! While I have a decently jaded past on the IFC and just in the community in general, I still really love this community and really want to get involved with everyone here.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity Thomas, it’s really appreciated!


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Thanks for the opportunity again to bring a position on this team! Have applied, wish all the best to the other ones who’ve applied!


Hello, @kit_v_kapushone!

If you are not satisfied with the information on the main post, you can directly message one of us (IFVARB Admins, Leaders or Board Members) and we will elaborate more there.

What you say is 100% correct, you should not apply if you didn’t understand what you will face I once we bring you on board.

Including mine! I’ve been looking forward to these for a while now.


Including mine as well. I literally submitted my application form the second I saw applications open

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13 days to goand we have already received more than 40 applications!

IMPORTANT: Because we already have 36 applications for the BM (Board Member) position and 5 for the EL (Event Leader) position, it does not mean you should hurry up to submit yours! As stated many times above, we will start reviewing applications in a random order and most likely not the order the applications came in.

Having said that, don’t be afraid to submit yours… even if the applications number is higher at the time you are ready to apply. Use all of the time given (2 weeks) and fill up the form once you feel ready. Should any issues / concerns / questions arise during that time, please message us at @IFVARB and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



Already more than 40, wow that’s huge, and I’m sure a lot of cool people there! Again, wish good luck to all who’ve apply!


2 days left!

Now it’s your final chance to submit your application! Both the Board Member and Event Leader positions are OPEN.

As always, the IFVARB Leadership Team will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can message us at @IFVARB via PM. Our leaders and BMs will also be happy to assist you, so don’t hesitate to message one of them!


When the applications close, is that when you announce who you’ve picked?

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No. The closure simply means that we are not accepting any new applications. The new BM & EL Team will be announced in the upcoming days.

A new FAQ is a WIP at the moment. In 2 days, you’ll be able to answer all of these questions on your own! 😉


Nice, thanks Thomas!