IFVARB Member Applications are Open!

Due to foreseen changes in the system by which VAs are graded for approval, we at the VARB, feel it necessary to enhance our member pool and diversify the skillet available to assess prospective VAs. Rather than utilizing our invite-only policy, we have decided to open this opportunity to the entire community to have a chance at becoming the next set of VARB members.


  • Member (TL2) on the forum
  • Must be in good standing on IFC and all external groups (IFATC, IFAET, etc.)
  • Limited need for moderation on IFC and all community extensions
  • Not CEO of any current VA that is certified or waiting approval
  • Previous experience working with VAs is encouraged, but not required

The VARB may decline your application for any reason at any time at their discretion.

Please private message (PM) @BluePanda900, @Danman, @Aquila and @Brandon_K on the forum with the following information and questions answered. Failure to follow directions and provide all the necessary information will result in your application being voided.

  • Email
  • Past VA Experience
  • Are you already a part of the VARB Slack?
  • Why do you want to be an IFVARB member?
  • What would you bring to the table that sets you apart from the crowd?
  • Barring the IFC, how are you involved in IF? Which third party groups do you take part in? What do you bring to those groups?
  • In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of a VA?
  • What else should we know about you, or your application when we take it into consideration?

All applications must be submitted in two (2) weeks time, on 2019-04-02T23:59:00Z . Once this deadline closes, each application will be discussed among the VARB Staff to determine which users would be the best fit for the VARB. The new members will be notified via DM and by an email invite to the VARB Slack (if applicable), and will be announced on the IFC on 2019-04-09T04:00:00Z.

Additional Information
A user’s previous postings on IFC and its extensions will be examined as well as the application provided. VARB Staff will also contact the IFC moderators to determine the amount of previous moderation required in the past for the member who submitted the application in question.

This thread will remain open for any inquiries a user may have about the application process. Questions that have been answered in the post will not be answered since an important quality for any application is to read the details.

Wishing everyone good luck,
The VARB Team


Can you be in the IFVARB process and still become a member?

No, good catch. I’ll add that now.


Is mandatory to always have a subscription?

No. It is not

Great post, Panda. Glad to see you guys open to adding more members.

I’ll pass this post along :)


I’m thinking of applying for this but there’s a problem: I’m the CEO of DynamX. Would my application be accepted if there were some sort of arrangement in place to transfer the CEO role to another member of DynamX in the event of my application being successful?

Yes that’s fine, make sure to state that in your application.

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I’m a bit confused. Is this for CEO’s wanting to make their VA Aprroved? Or is it for members wanting to join VA’s?

It’s for neither. It’s for community members to apply to join the IFVARB.

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Ohhhh. So not for members wanting to join BAVA for example:)

I never knew there was a IFVARB thingy. Nice, thanks

If I were to apply, do I just PM one person, or make a PM with all the people listed?

Not to join BAVA, to join the IFVARB

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Will you guys be releasing any details on what someone would be doing if accepted? And what sort of time commitment that would be?

A member would manage prospective VA applications and work with a team to ensure they are up to standard providing feedback based on various website proposals. A few hours per week to write website reviews.


Very interesting program… great way to get the community involved. You’ll definitely will be hearing from me!

I’ll make sure to pass this along!

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