IFVARB Member Applications are closed! Selected members posted

IFVARB Member Applications are open!

The IFVARB Admin team is happy to announce the opening of our application system for new IFVARB Members to help in the certification and review of Virtual Airlines and Organizations in the Infinite Flight Community.


  • Member (TL2) on the forum
  • Must be in good standing on IFC and all external groups (IFATC, IFAET, etc.)
  • Limited need for moderation on IFC and all community extensions
  • Previous experience working with VAs is encouraged, but not required
  • Preference is given to non-CEO’s, however, we will not limit CEO’s from applying. But please note that we prefer members to not be active VA/VO CEO’s
  • Familiarity with the IFVARB Website and policies

The VARB may decline your application for any reason at any time at their discretion.


To apply for a position as a VARB Member, please visit the IFVARB website linked below.

IFVARB Member Application

We ask that you provide accurate and honest information. We ask that you take the application seriously and provide answers to the best of your ability. The first step for our team in reviewing the application is reviewing the time that is put into each IFVARB Member Application.

Please remember that this is not a race and to take time on your application. We will review each individually, and very likely not in the order that they come in.

All applications must be submitted in two (2) weeks time, on 2020-07-17T04:00:00Z. Once this deadline closes, each application will be discussed among the VARB Staff to determine which users would be the best fit for the VARB. Each application will receive a response back via the IFC should you be accepted or denied.

What does a Board Member do?

An IFVARB Member is a key member of our Virtual Airline/Organization community. They are mentors for our VA/VO Staff, guides for decisions surrounded the IFVARB and the community, and an essential part of our review process for newly applying VA/VO’s in the certification process.

During the certification process, Board Members provide reviews of the application in several phases until the VA/VO meets the leaders, or admins, approval for certification.

In the IFVARB Slack, Board Members are able to provide assistance and guidance to other staff, help with questions on the IFC, and more.

Additional Information
A user’s previous postings on IFC and its extensions will be examined as well as the application provided. VARB Staff will also contact the IFC moderators to determine the amount of previous moderation required in the past for the member who submitted the application in question.

I have a question about becoming a Board Member?

This IFC thread will remain open for the remainder of the application period for those interested to ask questions. You may also directly message the team at IFVARB via a DM on the IFC.

We kindly ask that answers are only given from IFVARB Admins, other Board Members and Leaders, and IF Staff


Is there any age restriction on the application?

Also, how active would I be required to be?

Thank you in advance, and I will consider applying.

How many candidates will be selected? (I’m assuming one or two candidates)
Is having the ability to read multiple languages a good skill to have?

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Hey @mwe2187 it’s not letting me submit my form. I hit submit and the three text boxes go red event though I have more than 150 characters


Hello @mwe2187 I am having the same problem as @CPT_Colorado.

I am also having the same problem.

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You will have to be an IFC member, so you have to be at least 13.

We would expect at least 1-2 hours per week of time commitment to reviewing website submissions. We also may put a call out to members to assist in special projects on top of your primary responsibilities, but those responsibilities will be optional.

We will send invitations to all candidates we feel to be suitable so we are not limited or committed to recruiting a certain number of members. We want to offer positions to everyone who would be a good fit with the board.

Since we work in a virtual capacity, reading comprehension is a greater asset than speaking.

We are looking into the issue and will provide updates ASAP.


Thanks for the info @Danman!

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We are fixed! Sorry about that all, there was an error in the coding :( #MWEfail


Submitted my response, thanks for fixing it.

I applied! I truly hope to be a member of the IFVARB! Do you know how much time I should expect before receiving the message saying if I got accepted or denied?

Sounds cool!

I’m not applying since I’m happy with what I’ve got at the current time. Best of luck to those who have!

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Hello… is leadership or other event/managerial experience required? I am active on the IFC, however I don’t have experience with any of the above mentioned.

Also, what type of commitment would this be? Would it be considered vigorous commitment or kind of a once-in-a-week/month kind of accord?


We do prefer experience with the Virtual Airline/Org world as the work is obviously all about VA/VO’s.

As far as commitment, a few times a week (maybe a combined hour) is what typically is done for our current member.


Have you tried to resubmit? We had an error that was causing this earlier but it has been fixed.

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How many users do you plan on accepting?

I copied all my answers on a Google document then I reloaded the page and then pasted everything in. It worked.

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We would expect at least 1-2 hours per week of time commitment to reviewing website submissions. We also may put a call out to members to assist in special projects on top of your primary responsibilities, but those responsibilities will be optional.

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Hey Alex, I was told this by Danman


Thank you @Pingu @mwe2187 for the responses. It might be best I forgo applying as I don’t have the proper experience. The time commitment may also be an issue down the road as well.