IFVARB Flash Flight! @ LJLJ - 012030ZDEC18



Welcome to the second VARB Flash Flight! Today, we will be visiting the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and flying to Budapest in Hungary. Our previous flash flight in Western China was a massive success, with over forty aircraft joining the fun. Can we get more today? Only one way to find out – come join!

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Infinite Flight A318

Airport: LJLJ → LHBP

Time: 8:30 PM9:30 PM (In 36 minutes!)

Flight Planning Information
  • 3000 FPM @240 KNTS IAS until 10,000
  • 2000 FPM @290 KNTS IAS until FL310

Flight Plan (Can also be copied from @BluePanda900)

LJLJ DOL MAGAM DIMLO 4714N/1823E VEBOS BP439 4720N/1914E 4713N/1924E 4709N/1931E BP430 BP534 4713N/1936E LHBP

If there is no ATC, be sure to review Unicom communication guidelines in the #tutorials section. Here are a few reminders…

  • If someone is pushing back right next to you, do not begin your pushback.
  • Remember to only begin your takeoff roll after the aircraft in front of you has rotated.
  • Do not taxi through other people.
  • Report everything you do on the designated unicom frequency.
  • You may have to deviate from the speeds listed on this post to ensure proper spacing. Do this as needed, but only when absolutely necessary or when instructed to do so.
  • Pilots who violate the instructions above may get ghosted (obviously).
  • Event information will be posted here and on the IFVARB Slack, please monitor one of the following during your flight.

Keep in mind that we may have a few moderators at the event and if that is the case, ghosting will be enforced if you are found violating correct unicom usage procedures. With that said, your participation is key to determining if we can do these events in the future. We hope you can attend!


I have already spawned in, if any of you guys wish to follow suit and possibly be one of the first in the air.


Sounds like fun see y’all there!


I’ll see you there soon along with IAV.


Awesome, we look forward to having you guys come!


Let’s pray that @RTG113 doesn’t come and ruin the whole event lol…


He volunteered to control, but then needed to go somewhere so I don’t think he will be showing up.


What’s the cruise speed in Mach?


It should be 0.78.


We will be pushing back in five minutes!


Final call before pushback :)


I knew it. I knew it was going to be a flash flight.


I am quite predictable.


you said that the flight was going to be at 2130Z… #FakeNews


“The flight will be at 2030Z”


If the speed puts you guys at Mach 0.77, speed up to 0.78.


Ahh sry had to head out, enjoy the flight everyone!


Descent will be 120 NM before the airport, -1700 FPM.


Awesome flight guys, thanks for coming!


Battery died just as I parked. Pretty good timing for it to happen!