IFVARB Feedback Thread

Like I said previously as a suggestion “only take action when the a staff member comes to you, not when an unnoficial source comes to you.”


And please. This shouldn’t be a roast into IFVARB thread. This is where we make polite complaints and suggestions, without turning into heated debate. IFVARB didn’t have to create this thread so please treat them with respect, otherwise expect no respect back


That’s what people are doing…


Take a quick look through the thread. And it’s for future reference as I feel this thread will become very busy soon, i don’t want the IFVARB to suffer any hostility as they don’t deserve it
As neo would say, back on topic…

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Imma make this plain and simple…

  1. More people=faster time
  2. chill out… it’s for fun.
  3. I don’t trust nor do I have very little respect for the IFVARB. Your volunteers not the FAA, your not too special so quit thinking you run the forum.
  4. Why take action, your not the police. Just stick to approving them. Let the VAs handle themselves. No need to babysit.
  5. So how can FDS not support the IFVARB or VAs but the MODs support IFVARB. Sorry Tina need to see an official statement from FDS on that one. until FDS supports VAs this needs to be shut down and let people have fun.
  6. How can mods approve but FDS not? Seems a little suspicious to me.

I’m watching, don’t worry😜


They want feedback, I’m giving feedback.


I’ve always felt that a regulatory board for VA’s should exist within the IFC in order to keep the riff raff in check. Plus I for one don’t like seeing several disposable VA’s cluttering up the feed when I log in here to keep up with IF. The purpose is necessary, absolutely. I do feel that it is paramount that the regulatory body that performs this function be an official part of the IFC moderation team, not a third party. I say this simply because this body, which in this case is IFVARB can use disciplinary action against users and VA’s. My hope is that IFVARB be made a legitimate division of the moderators that already keep the IFC clean.


You should have a little bit of respect for them. They do great work that they don’t have to do and in all fairness they help keep things running camly. If you don’t respect them, don’t ever expect them or anyone to respect you. Be a little more positive please


As people I respect them. For what they do I don’t. Simple. I think they over regulate in my opinion. I’m giving feedback they can take it how they want. And funny thing you should say that as I’m being as nice as I have been since they have started.


All he did was voice is feedback, there wasn’t any negativity that I read. These are concerns that several people may have, no need to run to the defense. Everything is calm an professional thus far.


Wow. Truly, you are the voice of a generation.

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Do you guys not remember how bad the VA category was before? People, including myself, were swapping VAs daily and there were about three VAs who lasted more than a month. Now? Now, the category is more organised, trustworthy and safe than ever before. Just putting that out there


How do you think a grading system would work? 3 or more grades, ranging from extreme seriousness to just-for-fun VAs. This way people can join the type of VA they prefer. Feel free to critique

Please note that this is not from IFVARB and 100% my own idea.


There’s absolutely no need to debate with one another here, is there? The IFVARB opened this channel to receive feedback, not so that we could all argue our respective points together.


One of the best things I heard. I’ll agree with that.



This has to stop now, the both of you. As the discussion is public, let me make this absolutely clear- it is mod approved. Do you notice Jack liking the posts? Do you notice him pinning IFVARB stuff to the top of the category? Do you notice Misha chiming in from time to time? Do you notice Carson’s presence as well? Surprise, they’re all mods.

Yes, nothing is currently backed by FDS at the moment. However, with all due respect, it is impolite to close your ears and pretend there is no mod support for the board. As described above, there is. If the both of you would like, Jack can make a statement below stating such.

The passive-aggressive statements are not going to help. “Chill out” and “Tina” just irritates people and digs under their skin. As honest communication from one to another, this is a poor form of feedback and doesn’t help us in the long run.

I have spent months and countless hours of my free time trying to get everyone approved. I didn’t have to take this job. I did because I wanted to help. Laura has said in the past that it would be cool to have VAs supported in the future- if anyone wants that to happen, then some regulation IS needed.


Josh, I am not doing anything wrong. I get it you or no one of the mods like me. Okay fine be it. But please I’m actually giving feedback and being nice. No need to call out out on me when I’ve been as nice as ever been with y’all.


I’ll just clear a few things up because Ice and Josh keep having to say it

  • Those guys do not monitor discord or any of that type of thing, they just take complaints as they come. There’s no spying or virtual espionage going on here. None at all. They always want and try to stick to their own guns, but the principle of being fired if you do something really bad outside of work does kind of apply still.

  • VAs and IFVARB is not FDS supported but is by the moderation team. The two don’t have to be exactly aligned. FDS (Mark, Tyler etc) don’t associate themselves with all this stuff because it can be a bit of a mess. That is what the mod team is for - to keep things tidy on the forum, FDS don’t involve themselves in that since they have better things to do. It’s the mods job.

I’ve stated how things are with the two facts above, we don’t need to discuss this anymore. Let’s instead give feedback on IFVARB and the system itself. That’s what the thread is for, not debating it’s status :)

Feel free to give Ice and Josh negative feedback, just do so in a post that is meaningful, polite, and constructive. Give you own ideas for improvement :)

(Feel free to PM though if you want clarification or to discuss this further)


@NEO I’ve given feedback and stuff that y’all can help. You wanted feedback I’ve given it. I’m not being rude or closing my ears to it. I’ve been extremely nice about it. In fact as nice as I can. I want something not as regulatory. I’m sorry that my feedback comes off harsh but since this is very controversial I do suspect that y’all would have thinker skin @JoshFly8 l. Fill free to PM gents I like a good discussion.