IFVARB Feedback Thread

So you’re suggesting kind of like a grace period? They get to recruit for a certain period of time, and the we evaluate. That sound like an improvement?

I’m a side note you said earlier that the IFVARB were wrong for intervening with VA’s member. What caused the change if heart in three hours:

In a way, it would fall into the territory of some people stating that we are too restrictive and controlling. I get what you mean by that, though.

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It sounds logically to do that. Maybe not even a grace period. Just have your stuff figured out before requesting approval. It’s not hard to PM a few trusted members and make a team beforehand.

In reply to your other statement:
I feel like I’ve made my point across. The IFVARB needs to keep it simple. Approve a VA then leave them the heck alone. Don’t know what you wanted to accomplish by that.

There will always be members that say that. In ways, yes, you guys can be very restricting. Just take this feedback, change your ways now, and become more simple. When I first got an idea of the IFVARB, it was a simple “send your VA in and we will approve or not approve it.” Now you guys are wanting to gain access to already created VAs. Just be a simple team that approves VAs. No need for this other unnecessary stuff. Reflect on who you guys were, and consider softening up.


I think that there should be some kind of cheat sheet for what we have to gain approval from you and what we don’t.

Here it is :)


As the comments have died down quite a bit, I’ll take the opportunity to address several things.

  • The constructive feedback generated by some of you are extremely appreciated and will be worked into our new proposal plan in varying degrees at some upcoming date.
  • Casual v. realistic has been brought up a few times and will be discussed.
  • General consensus seems to indicate that some sort of regulation has to be there to avoid VAs getting too out of hand.
  • Timing has to be improved. We’ll look into recruiting more board members or adjusting our review process to speed things up.
  • Maybe we can have a website to condense the board movements in one place and make complaint submissions readily available.
  • This is a flight sim forum, guys. Some of the crazy theories are borderline ranging on Illuminati. Every member on the team that I’ve had the privilege of working with are great people and genuinely want VAs to succeed. There is no ulterior motive. We literally do not have the time nor the desire to even want to do that.
  • Silence does not mean ignorance. We’re watching. I’m making sure every valid point will be brought up accordingly in the coming weeks as we restructure.

Thanks to everyone so far who has chimed in with their opinions!


Now this is the IFVARB I & Many others want to see. Better review times, a website, and a casual and serious VA catagory. The sooner this is implemented the less crap you guys will recieve, great work Josh & IFVARB.

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Well I definitely gotta say that was an intresting 374 messages I’ve just had to read there. my thanks to those of you that used this thread correctly and not as a roast fest. Again, some of the points made here are well backed and are correct.

IFVARB have always been a great help to everyone, those that deserve it and those that don’t. Back in the days of EJVA, when we were struggling to keep the va alive, we received quite a lot of support from the IFVARB, most noticeably @NEO. Sadly we couldn’t save the va in the end but that was in no way their fault as a group or as individuals. Some people who have been going nuts on this thread probably run or part run VAs here and I’m pretty confident that many of our VAs couldn’t of gotten where they are today without the IFVARB. You guys can throw logs into the fire and criticize as much as you want but it doesn’t ignore the fact that IFVARB are an essential part of VAs and this community. And should it come to it that they need help, then every single person who has criticised on this thread should lend their hand to helping them with their plight. Otherwise, make no complaints, enjoy the community, the game and it’s VAs (those are the people I respect here).


Agreed, they’re only here to help. They take these measures just to keep these VA’s safe and not to have them end up like other VA’s that were trolled or were just pure chaos. Do i agree with these measures they take including putting people forum accounts at risk just because of something that happened on a discord or slack? No, not at all. But if its to keep the community safe then they gotta do what they gotta do.
With these things @JoshFly8 said that would be implemented, i see the IFVARB going in the right path. Yes they have turned the VA catagory from a mess to a organized piles of airlines, but the way they have done it has took weeks or months. I would love to wait days not months for a VA approval. Cheers IFVARB!


G’day All,

I’d like to say my opinion on this very opinionated discussion. I’m reading so many comments regarding how “IFVARB are to strict and need to be more relaxed etc”.

I must say I highly disagree.
What is the definition of a ‘Virtual Airline’? “A virtual airline (VA) is a dedicated hobby organization that uses flight simulation to model (simulate) the operations of an airline.” First of all I can absolutely guarantee 90% of Virtual Airlines do not simulate real life airlines. In fact a lot do the opposite eg; making there own rules (far from real life operations of a airline) with a lot of leaders/owners of the virtual airlines just in it for the pleasure of satisfaction in leading a group the way they want (power hungry) and actually not simulating real life management of a airline in a professional manner, giving aviation enthusiasts the wrong impression of how this industry works. With IF having a enormous community it holds the capacity to make these experiences real, involving real life knowledge on airlines and the opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to gain information from real life employees of the industry.

If you want it to be easier in order to make and run a VA so you can do whatever you want, then your in the wrong place… go make a ‘virtual organisation’, somewhere else and not a “virtual airline” in a aviation hobby environment. This online environment is built for virtual airlines. So either be professional and follow the so called “strict” rules by the IFVARB who I must remind you are approved by FDS… for a reason or leave this IFC category. Cause realistically IFVARB aren’t strict enough (my opinion).

Remember this is just my opinion.
If you would like to strongly disagree with me in a rude manner please DM me and don’t argue on this thread.

Also I would like to take this time to congratulate @QantasVirtualGroup on being a very professional VA and offering community members a realistic airline experience. Well done.


So nobody in the ever so active and caring IFVARB is going to say something about this?

I’ll take that as a silent consent then.
Well then, I’m waiting for your ‘reforms’.

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Along with what @Insertusernamehere said about transparency.

Also, thoughts of a separate #VA category so it could be sub-categorised is, in my opinion, a great idea to declutter VAs and give them the opportunity to run as either serious, or ‘just-for-fun’.

I think the IFVARB should strive to connect more with VAs and support them, rather than just regulate them. This would create a much more friendly atmosphere, hence I propose an IFVARB support email address. Maybe ‘support.ifvarb@gmail.com’. This could help VAs with queries they may have.

I hope my suggestions have come across as positive.

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  1. Undeniably, the IFVARB has done many great things for maintaining the standards of VAs. This is simply irrefutable.
  2. Despite this, many still feel that the regulations put in place are too formal and strict, considering that this is a Virtual platform. I acknowledge, like what Josh has mentioned multiple times, that every industry and sector has its own regulation board, like the FAA and such, but thats missing the entire point. These are virtual airlines. Regulations are great, but not without moderation (and no not moderation like banning). I’m not saying that the IFVARB should let loose completely, but the IFVARB should instead lax some rules.
  3. IFVARB should also let VAs run autonomously. This has been mentioned multiple times by many others. I believe that VAs are capable of operating on their own with minimal interference from the IFVARB and/or external assistance. I acknowledge that to maintain standards, some rules have to be enforced, like when there are problematic situations beyond the VAs capability to control, like trolls.
  4. IFVARB moderation should not conflate VAs with IFC. Sounds confusing but hear me out. I will do my best to reduce the amount of dirty linen I wash out here.
    In sum, two of our leaders were suspended from the IFC last year. This didn’t prove to be a problem since their suspensions expired this year. However, when we were not placed on the VA list, we asked for clarification because both of their suspensions had already expired. When we checked again, their bans were extended to permabans, *even though they did not log on during the period of time when they were unbanned to fetch any new offences remotely deserving of a permaban. What I’m trying to drive at is, moderate VAs as VAs, not individuals’ history or records on here.

@Sam_Keast 's post also brings me to an important point. While it may seem like it, derregulation is not a slippery slope, like if we derregulate, VAs will be of no standard and just here solely for those who are “power hungry”. I cannot say for anyone else, but with or without the IFVARB, I will still strive to make my VA as good as it can ever be. Even with no regulation, it is only the strongest of VAs that survive, not those that are here simply for “show” and to claim VAs for their own. I can even think of ways for ordinary people who want to be leaders of VAs that have already been “claimed by power hungry people”.

In light of what has been said, I still respect the IFVARB as a regulatory board. I am here to bring to light issues which I deem problematic based on my perspective.

If you have any queries (hopefully regarding this post), please do not hesitate to contact me via PM. Misinterpretation and misunderstanding is what leads to conflict, which is what we are trying to avoid here.


Ease off on the gas a bit. In a nearly 400 post thread, I simply missed yours.

Some of your bulletin points have similar or identical descriptions of what I underlined in mine. While we may not be able to take every single one, we can look at those that come up several times and work from there. Your “review” thing for airlines Skytrax-style is a pretty neat idea, though- maybe we’ll implement it in one section of the website.

As for the newsletter stuff, it is a lot of effort to make one. I’ve tried several in the past while doing other ventures, and they’ve all failed. It’s difficult to muster the time, effort, and gathering enough information every two weeks just to be able to fill up a newsletter. The marginal cost of the process would outweigh the benefits.


I think that IFVARB is a good concept, it’s good to help VAs, but they are way too restrictive and slow. Look, this is a FLIGHT SIMULTOR. It is for fun!! There is no need to want to have a lot of power and ruin the fun for everyone. IFVARB is a good concept, but the execution could be better.


We acknowledge that some of you guys feel that IFVARB is too restrictive and strict, and we really appreciate that. To help improve some examples are necessary to help them get the right idea.

Can you give specific examples of where IFVARB is directly restricting VAs? What exact rule(s) are actually stopping your VA having fun?



“We may require a presence in the public areas of your slack/discord.”

I’d say this rule. 24/7 monitoring of the va may be annoying to some people.


I don’t understand why, it just makes sure your VA is well organised and not falling apart.


Yh. But most of the time theres like a 5 man staff team who are monitoring the va.