IFVARB Feedback Thread

Today, the administrators of the IFVARB have decided to open a feedback thread so that members may have a place and opportunity to voice complaints and suggestions regarding the operations of the board.

In our ongoing efforts to be as transparent as possible and provide efficient, streamlined services to any VAs who may choose to utilize them, we want to make sure the information we are getting is beneficial and assists us in providing better solutions.

Remember, feedback should be…

  • Constructive
  • Detailed
  • On topic
  • Actual suggestions on how we can improve in certain areas

Also, be sure to take a look at our updated main thread before giving feedback.

A moderator will be monitoring this thread as it progresses. Be kind and respectful to other community members. And, most of all, give feedback with a smile! :)

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And in addition, saying that IFVARB is unfair or doesn’t do anything is not a productive or useful way to use this thread.


Focus on approving VAs. that’s yalls originals goal. Not all this extra stuff involving VAs. Regarding members should be dealt with the VA internally. Speed up the process with Vas. No need to be restrictive. It’s IF. Let people have fun. Your restricting people of having fun.


You would have us play no part in VA’s security? And you would rather let that be left to chance…

Not disagreeing, just your post was ambiguously worded


We get that VAs are a hobby and a means of fun for users who choose to utilize them. Many in the community are passionate about VAs, which should mean that they shouldn’t have any trouble getting through the process. If you make a quality VA and stick to basic rules, you won’t have to worry about any dealings with us. Heck, it’d be like we aren’t even there.

I do agree with you that some things need to be faster. We’re looking into restructuring so results can get through a lot quicker. It’s a little difficult to burn through the whole list at a moment’s notice, however, as we get a backlog of requests from VA owners daily.

What part of IFVARB do you think is restricting fun, and in what way?


When you say security, what do you mean exactly? How much can a virtual airline be messed with to a point where security is needed? Just want to know for clarification.

  1. Only deal with va members if you have been requested to by the president or a staff member. This is because i have seen people get banned, kicked… because an official source have sent you infomation. Many va’s have their own sectors which deal with in va problems, so if you havent been told to take action from a staff member then dont.

  2. Please dont take action upon people who have either said something or done something in unofficial discord servers. Some discord servers are not va’s and rather smaller communities. Just like va’s they also have staff who take care of problems.


If we are shown something from somebody that indicates a specific person is not fit to lead a VA, then we have the right to deny him or her. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, and will be treated on a case by case basis.

Look at it this way- if you’re going to be hired by an employer, your public profiles will be investigated. Anything you say or do can reflect on your performance or treatment of others in the workplace. The same applies here. It’s unrealistic to start spouting out hate speech (for example) in a public Discord server, and then pretend it won’t apply in an at-risk scenario the moment you walk into work. The employer can’t do anything outside of the workplace and they know that, but they can look and decide you aren’t the type of person they want in their company as a result, same thing here. We hardly ever take action because of stuff like this anyways.


I am not an admin. I merely wanted clarification on the initial post. I wanted to let Josh or Ice answer to avoid the confusion of the community. I am sorry it came across as rude, next time I will send a PM stating what my situation is. Thanks!

Yeah but there comes a point where a “fake” airline gets regulated more then a real company. It’s becoming too much for people, it’s no longer fun, instead people just leave the whole concept alone. Hence these issues coming to light including the lack of support for this cause that IFVARB set out to achieve.


Without coming off too strongly, what we need everyone to understand is that there are things that we can’t tell the public. There have been cases in the past of slander, verbal abuse, and R-rated topics of discussion that you would expect to find in Game of Thrones or other shows of the sort. It’s our job to protect community members from that exposure. We hope to ensure that this allows for an organized group of individuals who have the decency to respect each other. You wouldn’t expect the Department of Defense to tell you where all the terrorists are for security reasons.

As for the questions, you’re seeing answers right now. Plenty of replies to be had out there. We have to pick and choose our battles, and the last thread was full of passive-aggressive replies and no moderator in sight to keep things under control.


“slack/discord ONLY groups are not supported” - if this is so anything said on these type of groups shouldnt be reflected upon the person. If this is the way you guys are going to work, you should join every va’s staff page or locked channel bacause how do you know there isnt worse things being said there?

Will there ever be a discord group which isnt monitored by the ifvarb…


Completely understand. Thanks for the clarification Josh.


I have a VA it’s been approved by y’all. I study buisness (aviation) to be exact. I do feel like however that A. Regulate VAs speed up the process, if a person applies and isn’t fit to do to some other problems aka suspension from forum…ETC. B. It’s for fun… y’all take it to seriously. C. There’s many good people on the forum, if there Should be accusations come up against a Va owner, it should be with multiple sources instead of one. D. There’s no need to regulate slack or discord since FDS doesn’t not support these. Let the VA internally handle it. Just like VAs, IFVARB is for fun. Let’s let VAs regulate y’all. E. VAs aren’t supported by FDS neither is the IFVARB. And don’t go saying it’s MOD approved when there volunteers. That’s all. Have a great day.


Hey IFVARB, the only issue i have is the long approval times. Focus on that and make that your number 1 priority, i understand monitoring VA’s and all is important but how are you going to monitor them when there isn’t even VA’s to monitor? Approve first and make that your first priority. Thanks!


To add on to what @Stryder said:
If there are IFVARB people monitoring places such as IFC discords. Those are places for free discussion. VA’s should not be affected by what people say in those chats.


Writing a quick mission statement, handing a website over, and then not being stupid once you’ve been approved isn’t a whole lot to ask, with all due respect. It’s hardly heavy regulation.

Nobody likes OSHA either. They still have to do what they have to do, which is to regulate the workplace for safety.

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We need to speed up the process. We’ve got a few ideas but have you got any, that ensures both good quality and decent CEOs?

Again, any actual ideas how we do this?

We always use either multiple sources, or a single trustworthy source. By a trustworthy source, they are someone who presents concrete evidence, and is independent to the VA community as a whole. Trust me (if you can), the sorts of things we have had to deal with, we have to take seriously because of their nature.

We don’t monitor discords/slacks at all, with the exception of a few VA ones that know of our presence (for various reasons). If a report (from anywhere) comes clearly linking a high level VA staff member or CEO, only then we take action.


But the mods do approve it. Your point?


What we mean by that is that we don’t allow Discord-only groups to advertise in the VA category. We don’t actively look for things witchhunt-style, but if an issue comes up (as a complaint), we’ll deal with it accordingly.


I’ve got no complaints here. I cannot speak for everyone but I know that everyone here does great work, and to those I have the utmost respect , it’s just that certain unsavoury individuals don’t think the same way. Neo was always great and whilst I can’t say I know the others, they’ve all done good too. Come on guys, at least 50% of the people are under 16. Why are you making complaints? ENJOY the game and it’s VAs. Don’t make things bad