IFVARB Feedback and Questions


Cheers i was referring to 2!

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Hello, is there a southwest virtual airlines?


Yes, there is:

Please do note that I believe a lot of their operations regarding new pilots have been delayed. I do however know that they are still at least somewhat active.


We sent our paperwork for our VA in, but we haven’t gotten a reply from @IceBlue In 3 days. (despite a reminder) Is he on a vacation or something?


He hasn’t logged into the forum in that time, wait out a bit and you’ll get a response eventually.

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Okay, maybe by the end of the week?


How can I join the IFVARB slack?


I think you have to be a CEO of a VA. I’m not sure though

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Any interested member can join our slack! Please DM an admin with your email and we can generate an invite for you.

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They have a while back whenglobal was first released.


Hello i have a question with LATAM VA.

This VA is active or not?


It is, but there are some issues due to copyright blockade by LATAM Brasil. They are remaking the website to be back in the database

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Hey guys! Feel free to drop your feedback for the staff request thread here.


Can we ask for photo editor (badges and other things) even if we’re not certified?
Good day to all staff members!


Yes you can, assuming yours is currently on the waiting list. please use this thread to make your post.

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We’re not in the approval process. We just want to make everything perfect before applying. So can we do it though?


I’ll let @BluePanda900 finish your question


It isn’t too difficult to enter the approval process, so I suggest you apply! But yes, you do need to be in the process to post in the thread.


The only unfortunate thing for me is, mine expires in 3 days. Then, if I decide I want to re-apply, I have to wait 45 days.


We’re creating our website and we’ll see if we apply now :)
Good evening

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