IFVARB Feedback and Questions


I think u where genuinely curious and i think that is always good. but i do think that the “isn’t that unfair?” was a little too much. but i dont think he should not let you start a VA. But then again that is just my oppinion.


Thx for your feedback!

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You do not know the whole story. Please do not comment on matters you have no information about.

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Thanks for the feedback. But I was just sharing my opinion. And I do not think my opinion would change the outcome of the scenario. But I won’t next time. 👍🏻

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I would like to start a VA with all 3 virgin airlines but I wonder if that is possible since Virgin America va already exists. Will it make a difference if I contacted them and Virgin America VA gave me the permission to do so?


I believe Vigrin Australia is going to be unveiled soon.


Oh darn it I’m contacting the people in charge of European Virtual Airlines


New VA: Richard Branson airlines.


Is that a new va coming


Richard Branson owns the entire Virgin Group.
Edit - I’m not sure that that was your question but that is most likely not an actual VA coming.

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I know. So I’m confused is that a new VA someone is CEO of


No, it was a joke…


Oh, it didn’t seem like it. Emojis wouldve helped… 😐


It was going to be called the Virgin Atlantic Group with Virgin At. And Australia


Need a lot of free time to deal with this stuff … i thought the the new regulation would be more efficient and convenient but it seems to be the opposite


Dang if only there was one🤔🤔


Our new system was designed to pick the best VAs that apply. We want to focus on quality over quantities, and the first VA to be added using that new system, Caribbean VA, surely shows how impresssive VAs can get when we focus all our attention on them.

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Are there any guys doing a new Lufthansa VA (under an other name)?

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Who manages Alliance applications was unable to find it in the other thread!


  1. If you are talking about your VA joining an alliance that is already made then it is the Alliance themselves that manage it.
  2. If you are talking about creating an alliance just present it to one of the IFVARB board members like Panda or Danman then you can start with managing it and inviting the VAs you would like in it.