IFVARB Feedback and Questions


@Captain_Millz DM the IFVARB member directly and ask if the VA you want is taken. They will work with you and guide you through the process to help you be successful.


Several times. Maybe they are busy


Yes, they are volunteers, wait patiently and they will return your message.


You could always begin to write your statement of interest. Instructions can be found here - IFVARB Information Thread [Updated 20180513 - New Application Procedures] , and to check what VAs have made it through the process, look here - The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database || Change Log #2 , but this does not list VAs that are currently in the application process.

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Right and that all me and my crew needs to know what is Actually Available so we can begin Mission Statement and Website. Dont want to create Mission Statement to a brand thats already taken. 😉


I can also recommend not messaging them all the time, not only does it anger them, it ruins your chance of them accepting them

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We understand that you’re all excited about the application restart, but please keep in mind that admins have to do human things like sleep, eat, and maintain a personal life. Please allow a minimum of 36 hours without a reply before sending a follow up message in the same thread. We do not need 4 messages in rapid succession and assuming that we’re either dead or negligent in our duties within 2 hours. Thanks.

Please do not speak on our behalf. We do not anger that easily.


I think ill just opt out of creating a VA for now. I read guidlines and i will just continue to fly the VAs im apart of. I love my virtual family and i wouldnt want to leave neither one of them. So i will step back from creating a VA. It was just a dream i had, so any previous messages or inquiry could you guys disregard them. Thank you guys!

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Hey I got a question: I contacted a IFVARB manger because i wanted to do a va (lufthansa). And he said an other guy already claimed it. But the Lufthansa Va is inactive!. Isnt that unfair? I red the IFVARB couple of times but i didnt found smt like inactive. He said i cant do annything because the guy claimed it


If you’re being denied, there’s a reason. It may be being worked on by someone else, or may be active, but not as much so on the forum. Just be patient, and don’t create multiple posts and a thread about it. There’s always other airlines out there to base you VA on. Be original. It’ll make people want to join.

Also, Lufthansa don’t want their name associated with a VA. That might be why.

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I think Lufthansa Compagny didn’t want any VA, because I wanted also to create one like a month ago but they said I can’t. So I am now doing a Etihad Airways VA.


That would be me (yes, us admins do read this as well). As I have explained multiple times:

  • When a VA goes inactive, old CEOs don’t have any power to decide who the next CEO will be.
  • If someone wants to claim an inactive VA, they contact an admin, not the old CEO.
  • Someone did the above to claim the VA you wanted, before you did.

Because of your persistence and your inability to listen and try to understand the process, you’re blocked from starting a VA for a month as I explained in the PM. Please, as I said also, try and understand how the VA community works before you go in all guns blazing saying how it’s unfair. It honestly is not.


i have thought for a few days on if i should say this but i think it could be valuable. i am currently applying for a certified VA and the Admin kept telling me “what would you provide for the community because we already have a lot of military VA’s” and i kept thinking to myself. Does he not know that the main Military VA’s are inactive. ive always thought since then that the IFVARB members should be let know when VA’s are inactive. but please give your feedback and thoughts on this. i may be wrong.


He knows that sort of thing better than you do ;)

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thanks for the thought. i just wondered that if he did know wouldn’t he of not told me that there are many military VA’s? maybe not?


There’s quite a few out there. That’s why he’s saying such. We don’t lie \0/. The reason you’re being asked this is so you the board can find out what’s different about your VA. If it’s different and original, it’ll likely do well. If it’s less so, it may end up closing down shortly after opening. It’s just a way of trying to improve the standard of the VAs in the category. Simple as that :)

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Yes so they call it Nonstop Virtual


Yeah, thanks for that, i hope we will pass and be a Fully Certified VA that will provide a lot for the community. :)

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Well your right i was to fast. Sry for that :/


You gave my a date so i will try it on that date. Sry for being unpolite. I know me mistakes