IFVARB Feedback and Questions


Thank you guys. Ill ask here. Once i create Miasion Statement who does that go to directly?


once you have all the requirements for the VA: website, logo, mission statement, ranks. ou will message once of the IFVARB members.


That information along with more will be included in your direct message to one of the 3 administrators that @Trio linked above.


Thank you Gentlemen, so basically i do have a go ahead to create website? I can get that started immediately.


yes you will need to create a website. that website is where users will go and see what your VA is about. and it is where you will have a application.


From my experience, its probably best to contact an admin to check to see if that VA you’re wishing to work on is available. We’ve had folks spend hours on a website only to find out that someone else has been working on the same airline.


Thank you for all of those informations, but if I begin a website and turns out I can’t create the VA. So can I just please know if I can create Etihad And partners VA ? The partners are Alitalia, Etohad Airways, Air Berlin, and Jet airways.

Thank you 😊


That happened to me. LOL


I need to know which mod to check to see if the one im wanting to create is available. Do you know sir?


you can message any of them. as far as i know they all do what you need. :)


Just message an admin of the region that the airline you want to create and they will check for you


Which one is for UK? I cannot find that person.


Here you go:

It’s IceBlue. :)


You can create only one Virtual Airline at a time and be a CEO of only one.
Etihad seems to be free looking at database but please double check!



is the process reopened


Yes, it has restarted.

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great i will contact you in a couple of minutes. :)


I just need to know whats available in the Regions.


I just dont want to start building a website for a certain VA and the VA isnt available and i have to resart process.


Maybe somebody from admin can let me know what is available.