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Can VA’s that were failed for 30 days then could reapply, can they still apply or does it count for them as well?


The answer has been said many times. All applications are suspended until further notice.

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So no expected date for it to come back then?


That is what is meant by “Until further notice”


Considering how high the VA turnover is, maybe in the future? I can’t imagine them closing it indefinitely.


This is getting ridiculous. It’s been stated many many times, yet people still continue to ask.

Applications For Making A Virtual Airline Are Closed Until Further Notice.

“Until Further Notice”. They are not accepting any VA Applications at this time. They will let us know when they are ready to continue with the process. NO EXCEPTIONS.

They are continuing as usual once they fix issues that need fixing.


As of my knowledge right now, VA’s are no longer able to be submitted for approval. (Its probable that I’m wrong) Singapore VA has a new thread (and I don’t remember there being a Singapore VA) as of 6 days ago. Is SIVA a new airline, or do they just have a new thread? Is the IFVARB open to submissions? Thanks!



They submitted their airline before the applications got cutoff I believe that’s why.

VA applications are still closed but continue to keep an eye out on the information thread for more details/updates coming soon


Just to clarify any VA in the works now needs to wait? If I am not mistaken you can’t launch without IFVARB approval is what I heard, but I cannot confirm this anywhere can someone confirm this?


You’d be correct, you can not launch without IFVARB permission on the IFC.

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That’s a Bummer, thanks for the response!


While it may be inconvenient, it is certainly necessary. I remember before the IFVARB was created, there were all sorts of chaotic VAs without any structure, duplicate VAs, VAs that would close after a day, etc. So, even if yours is well organized and good to go, it needs to go through the IFVARB process just like any other to ensure a quality VA experience.


No, I understand why it is nessarly and in place, it is still a bummer but not the rule, the fact you can’t submit…


The break is not permanent. Eventually you will be able to send one in again.


Hey, As of now VAs are no longer been able to be submitted for approval. I believe that their was a Singapore Airlines before, But is now dead. Singapore Airlines Virtual is indeed new :)


Singapore Virtual RCO

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Are applications also closed for alliances or not?


Yes, all applications are suspended at the moment. Please check topic below for updates:

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Hello, I would like to make an application to do a VA, can anyone please help me ?
Thank you 😊


Message one of the IFVARB administrators. Good luck!

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sure. do you have everything set because its good to be prepared. :)