IFVARB Feedback and Questions


@Dylan_M are you sure the current one is inactive? I don’t believe so as I speak to @Matthew_Chan quite often :)


They appear to be inactive because they havent responded to anyone on their thread


They might have just PMd the user 😉

Anyways, Matthew was tagged so he should respond soon answering your question.


Ok thank you :)


Most addresses are addressed through PM to not clog up the thread. The old thread is quite inactive as we’re in the process of introducing a new one


Congratulations to the new IFVARB members!

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IFVARB Information Thread [Start Here!] [VA Applications Currently Suspended] [Updated 20190220]

Congratulations to all new Members! Most of them I have worked alongside with, and they are fantastic! Great things are coming for sure!

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Congrats to all the new members, you guys will be great!!

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When is the new application system up and running?


We are not sure at the moment, but I can guarantee you that VARB is working as hard as they can to re-Open applications in their new system.


Does the VARB process mean those picked and those with VAs reserves or only picked?


VA reservations

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Ok. Thanks!


Hey all,
I am beginning the process of creating my virtual organisation, is there any tips I should know before I really get into it?

  1. The organisation is based off an organisation in real life.
  2. I cannot say the name or subject of the organisation until it is reserved/copyrighted or equivalent as I don’t want people to take my idea.

Is application open right now?


Not yet; we hope to get them up and running as soon as possible.

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How long does it normally take for a VA to get to Stage 1?


It depends. The groups choose VA’s randomly and work with them. Some may take days, some months.


You asked for a few tips, here are some,

  1. Make sure you have everything ready for the initial review. Being prepared is important and the more prepared you are, the less time it will take for your VA to be approved.

  2. Be open to constructive criticism. Those who are reviewing your VA are in the position they are in to ensure your VA achieves its full potential before opening. With that comes constructive criticism. Embrace the suggestions and things that your reviewers want you to change, and complete the things they request. Doing so will make your VA even better than anyone could imagine.

  3. Do not rush anything. If you rush a product, it will not come out as good as envisioned. Take your time and don’t feel the need to be certified right away.

These three things are the things I can’t stress enough about. Good luck with your VA, make sure to apply once applications open again.


Thanks a lot mate, I appreciate the tips! I am currently using the old application process. Should I continue with that (I’m up to the experience statement and operation plan) or should I wait for the new version to come out?
Again, thanks!