IFVARB Feedback and Questions


There are tons of virtual airlines waiting to be reviewed, more than 50 actually. It takes time to deeply review every VA, give feedback, and approve. We only want the best Virtual Airlines on IFC, remember. If we were to speed up the process dramatically, the quality of Virtual Airlines would go down.

Also remember VARB Members and Admins also have lives out of VARB, so please take that into consideration


8 months may be a little long. But all VA’s have a 3 month expiry date. So 2 months and 4 months may seem like a while, it may just be that you haven’t been picked yet, as they are reviewing a group, or they are very busy with life


That last line is what a lot of people don’t take into consideration. Great statement.

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But don’t you think that 3 months are too long? Maybe the requirements should go down a bit, and yes, there will may be some low quality VAs out there but its the member’s problem, you can always leave the VA


Yes, you are completely right!


VA’s are ment to be high quality airlines and have good members. You can’t just rush it and have low quality VA’s


When are the new VARB members announced?


They will be announced April 9.

If you would like to know more, take a peek below at the topic:

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Like stated above, there are over 50 Virtual Airlines awaiting approval. Members and Admins take their time reviewing each Virtual Airline to ensure they reach the VARB Standards and hold true quality. This could take up to a few days. If they were to rush through, the quality of Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines would drop drastically.


So? If I have a low quality approved nobody would like to join it’s only my problem

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The VARB would try to help you as much as they can, but they can only help you so much


Trust me, A week is nothing. Just wait and it will pay off (as COO of LOT VA, We have waited 3 months until we were picked)

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IFVARB Help a LOT, I mean it. They will transform your VA into something almost real.


when is the new time the VARB members are being announced after the date change?


Supposed to be announced today. Just wait and you will find out when they’re ready to announce.


No exact times? I didn’t find the comment where blue panda said when


Already stated by BluePanda900:


There wasn’t an exact time given. Just wait and you will find out.

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Thank you very much

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If I want to make a new Cathay Pacific Virtual because the current one is inactive, would I be permitted to or not?