IFVARB Feedback and Questions


But if nobody cares about the VA, they will close because they are actually illegal.


Its not “illegal” to have a non IFVARB certified VA, you just can’t advertise your VA on this forum. If nobody cares about a VA then its up to them to make themselves more appealing to others.


But that is not possible when not IFVARB approved!


As being a president of a Va that’s currently waiting To get selected I feel like it’s worth the wait because the amount of time that is given to improve our VA is worth the wait.


IFAE is not IFVARB approved, but they are appealing to many expert pilots

If you are strategic enough to make your VA appealing to others and get them to join, you don’t have to follow the directions of the IFVARB

It’s not like the IFVARB is essential in order to grow your VA. It makes growing your VA easier but it’s not like the life and death of the VA.


IFAE is in fact approved by the IFVARB.


IFAE-GAF is approved by the IFVARB, but I don’t think IFAE itself is approved

I tried to join once in the past, but then said they were not approved, so I would have to go through another process


It is indeed.


Oh, looks like I didn’t see their thread

My mistakes…

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Can you make a va (virtual airport group) that fly into the terminal and have conversations about it?


I definitely agree. I seen some high-quality VAs on the list which never make the cut, because lower quality ones get picked.

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This was changed in a semi-recent update to IFVARB Policies. Groups are now permitted to work with more than one VA at a time, whether they do so is up to the individual group.

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Didn’t know. Thanks Vel!

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Is there any word about NCSVA it has been a week. Help if you can please.


Please be patient. All admins are busy and may not have seen your PM yet. Feel free to “bump” the PM after one week of no response. If you are waiting for approval, it could take up to three months, so please be patient, and keep improving

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It will be more than a week. In my personal experience, I had to wait almost two months, but it was worth it. I was also on the quick end of being selected. Patience is key. If there is an update, you will be PM’d.


It’s going to take time. I’ve been on the list for about 4 months now. Just keep improving. That’s what they look for. Quality improvements.


It can take a while. I waited over 8 months to finally get picked for the review stage. Had to refile an application once for the VA. In the end, it’s all worth the wait!

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I hope there will be surprises after waiting patiently and improving constantly.


That’s ridiculous, I cannot see how in, that amount of time, these guys still cannot review your guys’ work. That’s crazy, yet this is all about professionalism and what not…lol