IFVARB Feedback and Questions


Can VA application documents be completed by more than one person?


I mean the management team.


Your Experience Statement should be created by the CEO of your Virtual Airline, and your operation plan can be made with help of other members. Please only submit one to a VARB admin though. You can find out more below:


I want currently to apply Austrian Virtual, but BluePanda900 isn’t answering after the other AUVA shut down their operations. What should i do now?


Just be patient and wait for @BluePanda900 to reply. He is a busy person. He will respond eventually (:

He does go by a five day no-response rule. If he doesn’t respond within a five day period, re-PM him again


I believe the Lufthansa Group doesn’t allow use of their branding, which is why NonStop Virtual is inspired by Lufthansa, instead of being Lufthansa VA.


Yes what @MrMrMan said is correct if you would like to start Austrian VA then you will have to contact NSV (NonStop Virtual). They are controlling over Lufthansa Group. Fell free to PM me if you want to know additional information I will be happy to help!


What is the minimal Grade and TL in IFC for joining a VA as a staff?


VA’s will have their own requirements for staff joining their VA


No, but from what I know there are IFVARB rules about it, or am I just wrong and these are requirements for the CEOs?


The requirements listed on the IFVARB thread is for CEO’s. For regular staff members, VA’s will have their own requirements


Okay, thank you for helping me, good day!


Thanks PTT, expect slow response times from me for the next week ish since I will be in paris.

Where is Blue Panda?

Ok. Have a nice holiday!


I think that selecting 3 VAs per month for cerftiication is little. I get that this is to increase quality of VAs and to ensure that they last, but I think that this number should be raised to a maximum of 5 VAs per month. I’m sure that there are a lot of high quality applications (correct me if i’m wrong), and that there would be enough to fulfill this amount of VAs. If there aren’t 5 quality applications in the database, the team can pick less.
There are a lot of resources out there to help CEOs make good VAs, and I thank you guys for that. The IFVARB is one of IF’s best organizations! I just wanted to make this point.


My group is currently working with 2 VA’s. From what I know, another group is working with 2 as well. Imagine that there are 2 more groups which can be working with 1 or 2 VA’s, not sure about that. Trust me, if a VA follows our instructions, it can be certified within 3 weeks. (from what I have seen and experienced so far). That is based on how quick the staff members improve, what we have requested them to improve.

Forgot to mention, that if we finish with a VA during this one month, we can start working with another one, we don’t have to wait for the next month. Just to clear things up :)


You are completely right! I know many good VAs but they all don’t want to apply because they will have to wait that long. And the quality of a VA increases during the application.


If these VAs really wanted to be IFVARB certified then they would be quite happy to wait however long it takes. If they can’t be bothered waiting then they clearly don’t care enough to be worthy of the VARB’s attention. It takes lots of time and effort to make it through the approval process, which ensures that only the best VAs run by the most determined staff receive IFVARB certification.


Yes, but if a VA has to wait long to possibly get not approved, they don’t think that they are good enough and close!


If a VA closes because they don’t think they’re good enough then that just shows they dont have enough passion and drive to overcome any issues they may have. It’s not the IFVARB’s problem, it’s the VA’s problem.