IFVARB Feedback and Questions


Lets break this down.

Vietnam’s application was and still is on the list of VAs that are ready to be selected from by review groups for review, feedback and hopefully (and usually) approval once that process is complete. I got a DM from your then COO at the beginning of the month politely inquiring about the status of Vietnam’s application. We carried out a pleasant discussion over thirteen messages where I answered plenty of questions in detail that I’m sure he shared with you. Here are some key details from that discussion.

With a month remaining before your application reached the expiry date, I got a message from your COO indicating that he had taken over as CEO for Vietnam. He applied for an extension to get things in order which I approved. You never got an approval as you simply just hadn’t been selected by a review group to start the process yet. There are several VAs that are currently active as well as currently in the approval process that got selected within a week of their application expiring and I know of at least a couple that got selected on the last day even.

Again, you were pending selection by a review group, as mentioned above. The staff recruitment thread is there for prospective VAs to fill in holes that they need filled to help get the VA through the process and approved.

No where is it stipulated that the documents we ask for need to be of professional grade. There is plenty we can take away from the documents though such as goals, commitment, planning, and more. What’s your general attitude? Do you present yourself well? Do you care about this VA that you wish to open? Can you follow simple directions? You’d be surprised at the number of applications I get where the applicant has clearly not read a single word of the VA Application Process thread, even after linking them directly to it as a response.

So while Vietnam VA hasn’t been approved or selected for review at this time, it also hasn’t been denied as it is still an open application in the process.


I have messaged you.


I’m tired and desperate from waiting!
And listen I’m sorry to say that but I don’t need anyone’s permission to make my VA… I think that every VA has to be approved from the first second, and the IFVARB approval is a symb of quality. That’s why I think that you should make an “IFVARB” category and “VA” category

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We have attempted to implement a “casual” VA system in the past, however it was discontinued due to a lack of activity.


No, I mean:
Let’s say I’ve opened my airline (real one), so I can buy airplanes and make it without anyone’s permission… But if I want to fly passengers and above countries I need to get approved…
Same here! I can open my VA and have it, but the IFVARB didn’t approve it I have no permission to fly in there “airspace” (in this case I’m not allowed to publish in the IFVARB category) but I do have permission to recruit staff and operate my VA as an approved one


The virtual airline approval process in IF is not comparable to real life… it’s apples to oranges. IFVARB approval is used to operate publicly on the IFC, you can completely ignore them and run on Instagram if you would like.


But IFC is the place for VAs


Many VAs exist on Instagram. I’m not suggesting you attempt to establish there, but it is a fact that more than a few run on Instagram.


@rubinedan patience is key. I for example had to reapply my application becuase it expired, but now I’m in the dpsecons stage of the approval process, the review stage. It’s all about timing, and the IFVARB also doesn’t want to flood the IFC with new VAs daily to keep some variation and so some VAs don’t have just a couple pilots because of how many new VAs there are


@Delta_Alpha_Lima Actually, as an owner of a VA that has been chosen by the groups but I haven’t been approved yet, takes as small as 2 weeks to as long as 2.5 months and exceptionally longer.

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I don’t want to wait! I want to have a VA, fake airline!!! That’s all!


Can confirm this. I’ve been in talks with my review group for about a month now.


Do you check if the VA is still active? Because one of the requirements for an AV is IFVARB certified and you have a website. is checked that some VA companies are with the site out of the air demonstrating that the company has closed, but continues in the database of you.


Waiting is something that everyone in this process has experienced. I waited myself, others have, and you can too. If you can’t wait, well, you won’t have an IFVARB approved VA then.

The longer you wait and work on your VA, the sweeter it is when you first post your VA thread to the IFC.


Is it possible for me to take Ryanair Sun? (Ryanair sun is a charter company by Ryanair but there is a Ryanair VA)


Ask @SpeedPlayz, he’s the CEO of vRYR :)


Sure will, Thanks :D

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Hello, I am the COO of LOT VA and I would like to join your’s and Kyle’s DM’s so I can improve LOT VA as quickly as possible.


Can unapproved VAs make partnerships with other unapproved VAs/ approved VAs?

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No, please wait for approval.

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