IFVARB Feedback and Questions


I heard Flybe virtual was closed because Flybe didn’t want them using their brand and logo. How do you know if your virtual airline that you want to start will be okay and not be closed due to legal reasons?


You can contact the real world airline before starting operations. Usually they will have a contact email on their website.


Okay, thank you for letting me know.


Adding to what @BluePanda900 said…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT contact the CEO, and or board of directors! They will either simply trash your email (most likely), or possibly reply back to not give you use because they didnt research your VA.

Find a media relations contact or brand manager and give them the details about who you are, what you are trying to do and provide as much info as you can about your intentions to use their brand.

Make sure to reiterate the fact that you will not get money from use of their logo and will not misrepresent their standards and brand guidelines. Provide links to your website, infinite flight, and potentially anything else you can provide to show what you are doing.

I work in PR (not related to aviation) and can tell you that there are MANY times that someone contacts the wrong person within where I work and the correct info wasn’t provided back or they were ignored.


How can we be a IFVARB member?


Members are chosen as people with a high amount of respect and few records of misconduct within the VA community. They are chosen specifically and you cannot become one just because you want to.


If you are a VA CEO and you are not currently a part of the IFVARB Slack team, please private message me with your email. If you are in the process of being approved, this does not apply to you.


How to be owner of a VA?


Hey Rodrigo,

Take a look here:

Best of Luck!


The link to becoming an IFVARB member doesnt work.


The threads have since been updated :). Just check the pinned posts in the VA Category for the answer.


Wait so you mean that we don’t have to be part of a VA or neither hold a staff position, basically any IFC member can join you guys ?


They’re chosen, and that is correct. The IFVARB has member’s from within and outside the VA world. Our diverse skill set is what allows us to examine VA’s in a detailed manner from a variety of perspectives. For example, I had zero VA experience when joining the board and offered RWA expertise.


Hold on… that’s not what my question was. …here it is regarding this one…


To join the slack group you do not need to have association with a virtual airline. If you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to join in on the discussion, just message one of the admins. In fact, there are many non VA members in the slack group: myself being one of them.


Do there’s any application process for being a IFVARB Certification Group?



Please see this link to apply to be an IFVARB approved virtual airline



It wasn’t my question. Sorry for the confusion.
Can we be a Group of people that certificate VAs and if so, do there’s any application process?


There is no application for becoming a part of the IFVARB. You must be chosen.


Am I allowed to publish me VA in an event even if it is in process?