IFVARB Feedback and Questions

Am I allowed to publish me VA in an event even if it is in process?

No, you can’t post in #live:va unless you are approved.
But you can do it in #live:events :)

I want to write in the title FlyDubai VA, can I do it?

Just say it’s FlyDubai :) don’t write VA and you should be good :)

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Okay, thank you for helping

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No problem :)
Just ensure that you’re following that :

Dont worry, I have made some events

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Can I start working on a VA if it isn’t written in the IFVARB list?

You can start at anytime! Just make sure you are TL2 when you bring your virtual airline to a admin

And if I just switch an airline, am I need to send new documents?

You just need to change the information on your operation plan. If you have contacted an admin, let them know as soon as possible. I would look at this topic down below to give you a detailed outline about the application process:

Also if you are in need of staff, and want to advertise the positions you currently have open, take a look at the topic below. I can say that if you have more staff members you will have a much better VA experience:

Hello, I’ve wanted to share you about something I’m really upset about.
Well, I had my own VA, Fly Vietnam virtual, I’ve built it and spent days trying to make this VA good for approval. But the approval never shown.
Okay, so I didn’t get approved but this VA “government” has to stop! When you’re not approved it feels like you’re acting under the radar… I have to recruit crew and I can’t do it!
So the game and the community wishes to be like URL but this isn’t IRL… So what? If I don’t know to edit and my documents don’t look like a real airline’s documents it means I’m not good enough to manage a VA?
So yes, I know that we have to make sure that the VA is good and not get closed in a month, but this way is wrong… And I can help to find another way. And you know why I’ve published it just now? Because I was afraid that the IFVARB will close my VA and not approve it (they didn’t). Why do I have to wait 3 months? It is just a VA!
Well, I don’t now how the community are going to reply, but I bet that there are 20 people like me.


Hello! The VARB Board only approves the “best” and “standout” looking Virtual Airlines in the pool. If they rejected your request, ask for feedback. Ask them what can I change so I can get approved. And for the three month process. There are tons of Virtual Airlines awaiting approval. Every one is carefully looked over and that takes time. Please be patient, revise your VA, take criticism, and reapply.

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I can’t really speak to your VA and the website itself, but I do agree with;

ideology. I personally don’t see the need for a board to approve fake airlines in a simulator, it seems so unnecessary, but it seems most of the mods are involved so I don’t see anything changing.

Also agree. 3 months is insane. I don’t know why people have to wait so long, it honestly amuses me.

and for those wondering if this is biased, no, I’ve never sent in an airline request so I don’t have any grudges to hold against them. I just disagree with the ideology behind the entire thing


We began the Board to increase the quality in VAs. Prior to our founding, the category was a hot mess, with people starting VAs left and right without putting time and effort into them. Many of these earlier VAs did not have a practical structure in terms of presence on the community or within the VA. There were also many duplicate VAs being created without anyone taking true ownership of the airline. These statements will be supported if you go back through the years to early 2016 before we began operations.

You have tools like the staff request thread to recruit the key staff to get your va up and running, that should be enough to get you through the approval process.

Nobody is telling you that, we just require you put considerable time and effort into your documents and VA systems to ensure that the approval process can go smoothly. As PTT said, we only select the best of the best for review, and after that, it can still be a while before the va is allowed to post because of the improvements that need to be made.

As I stated previously, getting each VA approved can be a lengthy process, but if you ask any VA owner that is newly certified, they will tell you that it was worth the wait. We do give you a lot of feedback and items to address before you can get approved, to ensure your VA reaches its full potential.

If you have any further concerns or constructive feedback, do let me or another admin know (or reply to this message) and we will get back to you ASAP.


HI! I’m a co-founder of LOT VA and we have submitted our documents to you about 3 weeks ago but we haven’t had a reply back. If you could give me an update of sorts so I can relay the info back to the CEO then that would be great thanks! :)

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I did reply?

I’ll have to check with my CEO

I can’t seem to get a reply from him. Could you send me a copy of the feedback?

The CEO had just told me that he has not received any feedback or results if we have become an official VA. What did you use to communicate with the CEO? How would we know if we got accepted?