IFVARB Feedback and Questions

Wait so you mean that we don’t have to be part of a VA or neither hold a staff position, basically any IFC member can join you guys ?

They’re chosen, and that is correct. The IFVARB has member’s from within and outside the VA world. Our diverse skill set is what allows us to examine VA’s in a detailed manner from a variety of perspectives. For example, I had zero VA experience when joining the board and offered RWA expertise.

Hold on… that’s not what my question was. …here it is regarding this one…

To join the slack group you do not need to have association with a virtual airline. If you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to join in on the discussion, just message one of the admins. In fact, there are many non VA members in the slack group: myself being one of them.

Do there’s any application process for being a IFVARB Certification Group?


Please see this link to apply to be an IFVARB approved virtual airline


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It wasn’t my question. Sorry for the confusion.
Can we be a Group of people that certificate VAs and if so, do there’s any application process?

There is no application for becoming a part of the IFVARB. You must be chosen.

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Am I allowed to publish me VA in an event even if it is in process?

No, you can’t post in #live:va unless you are approved.
But you can do it in #live:events :)

I want to write in the title FlyDubai VA, can I do it?

Just say it’s FlyDubai :) don’t write VA and you should be good :)

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Okay, thank you for helping

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No problem :)
Just ensure that you’re following that :

Dont worry, I have made some events

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Can I start working on a VA if it isn’t written in the IFVARB list?

You can start at anytime! Just make sure you are TL2 when you bring your virtual airline to a admin

And if I just switch an airline, am I need to send new documents?

You just need to change the information on your operation plan. If you have contacted an admin, let them know as soon as possible. I would look at this topic down below to give you a detailed outline about the application process:

Also if you are in need of staff, and want to advertise the positions you currently have open, take a look at the topic below. I can say that if you have more staff members you will have a much better VA experience:

Hello, I’ve wanted to share you about something I’m really upset about.
Well, I had my own VA, Fly Vietnam virtual, I’ve built it and spent days trying to make this VA good for approval. But the approval never shown.
Okay, so I didn’t get approved but this VA “government” has to stop! When you’re not approved it feels like you’re acting under the radar… I have to recruit crew and I can’t do it!
So the game and the community wishes to be like URL but this isn’t IRL… So what? If I don’t know to edit and my documents don’t look like a real airline’s documents it means I’m not good enough to manage a VA?
So yes, I know that we have to make sure that the VA is good and not get closed in a month, but this way is wrong… And I can help to find another way. And you know why I’ve published it just now? Because I was afraid that the IFVARB will close my VA and not approve it (they didn’t). Why do I have to wait 3 months? It is just a VA!
Well, I don’t now how the community are going to reply, but I bet that there are 20 people like me.