IFVARB Feedback and Questions

We have decided, to keep our main threads clean of posts, to launch this feedback and questions thread. Any questions you may have as well as comments can be posted below and a representative from the VARB will answer it as fast as possible. Please keep any and all discussion constructive and civilized.

The VARB Team


Are there any benefits of being a CEO of a virtual airline?

How long does it take for a Va/VO to get approved?

Are you guys planning any events in the near future for VAs to do thing with each other?

@N1DG a few days - a few weeks

@BigBert10 Of course lol. However there are ups and downs of the CEO position.

I have a few questions in mind.

Do the members of IFVARB secretly have favorite VA’s?

What are the inside benefits of being a member of IFVARB?

Will @BluePanda900 make a blue panda the IFVARB mascot?


To asnwer your question: yes

I created Embark airlines by myself and I feel very proud. It is great to have so many people coming on board with wonderful ideas wanting to help.

If you create a original VA (not based off of a real one) it serves more of a challenge, but is very fun!

There are pros to creating a VA based off of a real airline, fans of the airline are likely to join it, routes are pre-fabricated, Fleet Planning is a breeze, but it takes the fun out of the creativity aspect

One hard part was finding which aircraft people like to fly, and where people like to fly the most. (Hence all of my random polls). It is super fun though! I would definitly reccomend.

I found you have any questions please PM me!




I agree with @KindaAngrySliceOfPie, creating a VA is amazing, so many possibilities, and finding aircraft and routes that people enjoy is a challenge but it’s always the fun of it


I am going to bookmark your post just in case I feel an itch to starting a virtual airline.

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Starting one may sound fun and it is but there are also difficulties you face, and such, but don’t let that stop you if you think and Know you can do it then by gosh do it!


Would anyone be kind and send me requirements of being a VA?

Here you are @BigBert10
A Guide to Create a New Virtual Airline || Updated

Not for me. I do like some ideas VA’s come up with, but I don’t have a favourite.

We’re always evaluating ideas, though we like to throw a few very big events than a lot of smaller ones.

Then they won’t be “inside” benefits anymore. ;)

In reality, being able to help out the VA community is a great benefit in and upon itself.


My biggest question is (not that I want to) is how to become an IFVARB member

You can find that information here.

Thank you for your question!


Right, right, I had a mind blank

No – I have respect for certain VAs and their creators. Mostly because of great ideas, websites, skill.

You get to put up with Me. Downside is you have fakeewanfleming



‘Ew’. Literally the quote of the day.

Usually about a week.

If we do end up doing a VA “meetup”. The ACVA is in.

That should be something that is organized in a PM. Not in this thread :)