IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

How long does it take for a VA to be approved? (After submission)

It depends on the efficiency of the team at the time your VA is entered into the process. Sometimes VARB members get caught up in real life commitments and that will delay the process for everyone. As I said it just depends. A rough estimate would be a month to a month and a half, but it can be quicker as well as slower.


Just wondering if I’m able to apply for a staff position at another VA/VO even you’re a CEO of an upcoming VA/VO but it hasn’t been approved yet?

Why doesn’t the VA that we submitted not show up on the website?

Are you planning to start a VA?

Yes I am and have submitted to them

No I would say because you would not be at the VA that is already approved for long because you will be approved in no longer then 4 months.
@Qantas094 take it to a PM


Wilco mate.

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As soon as your VA gets approved, you’d have to step down from the other staff position. CEOs are only allowed to be staff in their VA.


I am making a Prospective Staff Thread for my VA and I was wondering how do you center the text? This might seem like an extremely stupid question, but I can not figure out how for the life of me. Can some please tell me how!

Hey there, I was just wondering what is involved in the application process once it is under review. What takes place?

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<div align=center>

Here is a good place to look for formatting tutorials: How to use the IFC - #46 by Othman_Asli

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Remember to close the div with </div> which will stop the centered text. The topic below is very useful for centering text even though it is closed.


Thank you @Ash_Rand and @Brandon_K for the help!

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Can VAs earn money to pay their expenses such as website domains, paying professional staff, etc.?

If your pilots and staff members are willing to contribute by donating money, then that’s fine. However you may not forcefully make pilots pay for things. If they don’t want to contribute, then they don’t have to.


Ok, I was just wondering because I am waiting for my VA to be approved and I don’t know how I would pay for my VA expenses.

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To get approved, you really shouldn’t need to have any expenses. There are plenty of free website builders out there, and Flight logging can be done through spreadsheets. It can be done, and if you put time and effort into it, it will show far more than the amount of cash you’ve injected.


@anon82246052 please be judicial with your responses on the forum. Let’s let the VARB admins handle situations like these as we don’t want to misinform the community with information that could be detrimental to their existence or inception.


Once you are approved the small expenses for things like a domain, hosting for a crew center, and other general things to improve the quality can go a long way.

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