IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Really? I thought that since it said “in the approval process” as a requirement that was referring to the 75% step. Mostly because I’ve mostly seen 75% approved VAs post there.
Learned something new today.

So if I’m correct, I can now use the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread?
(Just to make sure, because I don’t want to be flagged because of that…)

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Yes, you may.

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Hi @roostbrood,
I understand how it may take a while to just be reviewed. As my own VA was at 20% for 2-3weeks.
But take this time to polish the parts of your VA which could be better and to really make it the best it can be. This way not only once it’s up to the next stage, but could also be approved faster. Just remember to have patience as the IFVARB team are working really hard. Make sure to take some time with this to get it done properly and not a rushed job. Some VA’s wait much longer than you have.
Patience is key.

I understand your frustration and concern. But everything takes time or else you can never do things properly. Use this time to your advantage, to make your VA the best it can be.

Hey 👋
Is it possible that an admin can contact me? I’m not in a hurry, just don’t want this question to be public

You do see that @BluePanda900 is an IFVARB Admin, yes? He isn’t spreading misinformation.


Not him the other guy 😂

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My bad, sorry for the inconvenience @BluePanda900 I was meant to reply to @anon82246052… Sorry


If my VO, is in the 45% stage, are we aloud to run events?

No. No operations are allowed until you’re certified.

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Our VA was just approved, how many staff members are allowed to join the VARB slack alongside the President? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s the President and one other right?

VA’s are allowed a maximum of three staff members on the slack, please contact an admin for admission. Thanks!

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PM sent! Thanks!

Ok, thanks

The IFVARB is approving VAs at the speed of light. Props to the review groups honestly!

@Danman are Subsidary Virtual Airlines allowed like Endeavor air

They are indeed. For example, Scoot Virtual is a currently reserved VA. Scoot is owned by Singapore Airlines, and Singapore VA is IFVARB approved.

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This is great

Ah, there will be more guidance in the coming weeks on subsidiaries.