IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Noted, thanks!

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Is KLAX a hub for DHL? And does anyone know where I can get a list of DHL’s hubs?

Hey there @AviationChampion! Here are the hubs for DHL:

And no, KLAX is not a hub for DHL!

Hope that answered your question!


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You can start designing it, find some idea to make it well, structured and so on.

But you can’t post it before being approved by the IFVARB Team.

Hope it helps!


I’m in the process of making my VA and haven’t yet sent the proposal to the IFVARB can I post in the prospective staff page yet?

No, you may not post in that thread unless you have started the application process and have been approved.


Approximately how long does it take to get a IFVARB leader after submission of the application.

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It can vary significantly depending on the availability of our team and the efficiency of the applicants, meaning the quicker a CEO and their team get things done, the faster they get approved and a new application can be picked up. Right now, most of the team is pretty busy with real-world matters (school, work, etc.) so we do have a few applications waiting to be picked up. Things should pick up speed very soon, though.


I have applied on the 2nd and still awaiting review. I have everything ready from handbook to all the documentation.

Some VAs are awaiting review from the 19th of September, I think the best idea to do now is wait.

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i remeber seeing a va get approved within a month

Sounds about right, it seems either that VA got lucky with the time they applied, or they did a really great job at their VA on the first go.

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Hope our application also gets approved ASAP

I’m sure they will, I suggest you to be patient. Good luck with your VA.


will my VA be disapproved if I have not ever been part of a VA before?

Not exactly I think, you should have some knowledge. I’m sure you could say I have never been [art of a VA, but I know a few things (You could look some things up, and see how some VA’s are arranged. unless you fail to meet the requirements of being a VA CEO during your approval. Everyone starts somewhere. :)


Is there still a cooldown after being a Va staff?

Yes, there is I believe. I think it’s 3 months. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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No, that’s totally right, 3 Months after being a staff member at another VA/VO

If the staff request thread is unsuccessful, how can I gain staff members?