IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Ok so it’s normal to not respond to client?? Ok then…

Hello Everyone. I’m almost done with my Operations plan in my VA but I’m not sure what to put under the “Our Internal Education For Pilots (and/or controllers)”. Can anyone tell me what I’m exactly supposed to put there?

It would be a great help!


Do you have any internal training programs? Will you have staff members that serve as mentors and trainers to help pilots improve in their flying? These are examples of “Internal Education” that would fall under that section. If you don’t have any, you can just put not applicable.

As a side note- you must be TL2 (member) to apply for a VA. You are currently at TL1. Just wanted to make you aware of that requirement before you apply.


Yes I know. I’m going to be a TL2 in about 5 days. During that time I’m setting up my VA.
Also thanks for the help!

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Not necessarily. While promotions to TL2 are done automatically, the IFC requirements are different than that of Discourse’s default ones. Therefore, it’s nearly, if not, impossible to predict a promotion.

Regardless, we look forward to your application and wish you the best.

Good luck!


Well, that did disappoint me a bit, but I’ll be ready for my promotion to come whenever that’ll be :)


What’s an experience statement and what should be included?


Hey @Hyperavation!

An Experience Statement is simply a document written by a prospective VA CEO describing why they are a good fit to start and run a VA and more Infinite Flight related background information. There’s plenty more great information about this on the IFVARB website, specifically this quote about Experience Statements:

The Experience Statement allows us to get a bigger picture of you as a potential CEO. It contains 4 questions:

  1. Why do you want to start a VA/VO?
  2. What do you hope to get from starting a VA/VO?
  3. Why are you a good candidate for running a VA/VO?
  4. What previous experience have you had with VA/VO, and what position and responsibilities have you had during that time?

Be honest and specific. There isn’t really a wrong answer to any of these questions, however more interesting and detailed responses are more likely to impress the staff groups, making them more likely to want to work with you. Your experience statement must be in Google Docs format with a viewable link provided to the admin. This is to enable the IFVARB staff to view your statement when necessary.

I hope this helps. Do message me if you have any other inquiries, and I’ll be more than happy to help!


Thank you so much! This really helped!


Do you need IF pro to start/join a VA?


Each virtual airline and organisation has different requirements to join them so I recommend checking the requirements of virtual airlines and organisations you’re interested in to see what the individual requirements to join are. That being said, the majority of virtual airlines and organisations require pilots to have an IF Pro Subscription.

I strongly recommend taking a look at the ifvarb.com website as well if you haven’t done so already. You can find the VA/VO database there as well as frequently asked questions on the VA/VO application process for creating your own.

Take care!


Thank you so much! I just wanted to double check :D

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Hi, is it against IFVARB rules to create an IFC event partnering with some VAs and with soon to be VAs that have not yet been approved or applied?

Yes, it unfortunately would not be allowed as unapproved VAs are not allowed to advertise on the IFC, and an event partnership is seen as a form of advertisement.

So I can fly the desired VA airline, but not represent it as a VA on the event

The VA can’t be represented as a VA but of course you can still fly the airline’s flights out of the event. The VA just can’t be involved in any way as they’re not approved.

Yea i got that, but i can technically fly that airline but not represent it as a VA, so I would just fly my wanted airline

Read my response again. I misread it the first time :)

Got it, thanks ^^

Can I be a staff in multiple VA’s or just one?