IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Hey there, @SkyHighGuys!

We do regular activity checks with VAs and VOs. Ideally, none of them stay inactive too long, like a year, unless we have a legitimate reason to keep the reservation. So, if you see a reservation in our database at ifvarb.com, it’s often valid, but please PM us @ ifvarb to inquire about something like that and we’ll be more than happy to look into it.

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I was going through the IFC and I found a VA that says it’s active on the IFVARB website but in reality it isn’t active at all, not even their staff members.

I had a few questions about this:

  1. How is a VA termed as inactive? Like on what grounds?
  2. Is it possible for me or any other normal community member to report a VA as inactive to the IFVARB?
  3. What happens to the VA when it is termed inactive?

Generally, the VA will contact IFVARB to state that they are inactive from now onwards. It can also be when there is a activity search conducted from IFVARB to see if a VA/VO is active.

I am not sure with the term “report” but you could just give your thoughts to the IFVARB team about an inactive VA/VO and they may look into it further.

The VA/VO will basically close all operations and cease to existence. But you question states “inactive”, I think that they will try to contact the staff team of that VA and ask about if they are gonna continue there operations.

A better explanation may be given by a member from the IFVARB Team. I hope this could have helped in some way.


That actually really helped, thank you!

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@Adrian_K did elaborate nicely, but allow me to confirm:

Either they let us know they are ceasing operations or we mark them inactive upon routine activity check.

Anyone can reach out to us via PM @IFVARB to convey any questions or concerns at any time. However, to answer your question, only the VA themselves or the Admin Team can determine inactivity.

The VA ceases operations and their reservation is released. Someone else can apply to start the same VA.

Please don’t hesitate to PM us. 🤘


Hey may I know is Etihad VA still active they aren’t replying from 2months,and it’s not the case only with me also with many other community members

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Based on the database, Etihad Virtual is marked as active. However, I echo your concern and will contact them to see what’s going on. Shoot me a message and we will continue there. Thanks and sorry or any inconvenience!