IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

I was wondering when my VA will be reviewed. I’m waiting 2 weeks and the progress bar is still at 20%.

P.S. I know you guys are busy, just wondering… :)

They are busy just give it time

They have lives outside of the board you know


Yeah, I know they are busy. And like I said: Just wondering…
If it’ll be around 2 days or 2 weeks…

It will take time. there have been Va’s who have waited months before they were approved. Just be patient.


I know it will take time to be approved, but I’m not even reviewed. It’s saying that it’ll normally take 3 days to be reviewed.

All you can do is give them time. You may be being reviewed right now for all you inow


Yeah, not really much that I can do…

If only we could deny all applications owned by someone who asks when they’re going to be reviewed. Food for thought…


My va was on the waitlist for almost 4 months before we were reviewed. It takes time. Just have to be patient. I mean you just asked 6 days ago.


In his defense waiting 2 weeks only to be put on another waitlist is excessive… It’s understandable you have lives outside of this but when it gets excessive it becomes an issue.

We have stages and each stage calls for a period of waiting around. If you are not up for it, then you certainly don’t have the patience to lead a VA.


I absolutely agree waiting is fine, i’ve been waiting for awhile and I will keep waiting until my reservation ends. What I am saying is waiting 2 weeks for someone to read your operations statement and experience statement and check it against the current reservations is kind of a long time. Of course I don’t know how many VAs are awaiting admin approval, but 2 weeks still seems like a long time. Keep in mind I am referring to the admin approval step, not the 45% step.

Well… I received a message 10 minutes ago saying I’m approved. :).

Something to keep in mind is that each admin is assigned a region, which means an admin can only approve VAs from that region. If another admin is busy, we can’t approve the VAs that are under their region as it’s their jurisdiction. That is why sometimes you will see a long waiting time for the first stage.


So, can I now recruit staff? Or not?

Yes, but not through the prospective VA thread.

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When can I do it on the Prospective VA thread?

Once you reach 75% and are being worked with and assessed by one of the groups.

Alright, thanks!

That is incorrect, you may use the prospective staff thread at 45% as well.