IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Thanks @Thunderbolt

Hello, I just want to suggest an idea.

Perhaps it would be most beneficial for someone or IFVARB to make a list of VAs that have been filtered out to join by, grade or/and age.

I’m currently searching for Grade 2 VAs and it’s extremely difficult to go back and forth from the iFVARB website to the IFC to search up their thread.

Just an idea!

If this already exists please share it with me!


Hi @fly.akm, a very good idea. ill bring it up to the person that works on the site and see what we can do.


Awesome! Thanks!

I thought of another aspect.

Filter by grade/age.

AND form of communication, as in Slack or Discord, maybe you guys could. go as far as the newest/oldest VA. The most popular to the least popular, etc.

Possibilities are endless!

This would cause some issues.

I do, however, like your other ideas, and have sent them over.

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Epic. Thank you.

Hello IFVARB! Is a user allowed to be in a recruiting staff position in more than one VA at a time? (any exceptions?)

I don’t believe that you can be staff in more than 1 VA. You may be a pilot in as many as you like, but not staff.


Hey man As stated on the IFVARB website:

Members may only be on staff at one VA/VO to ensure that they’re committed and can perform their duties in a satisfactory manner. This also minimizes the number of ceremonial positions granted, and to prevent incidences of staff members going AWOL when needed.

Hopefully this answers your question for you

Im waiting for approval, but i forgot to add some important info. Can I add it after an admin tells me that my va has approved or not?

If you’ve only applied, you can make some changes.

If a person is on the watchlist can they be staff in your VA?

You can make changes (add information, adjust things, etc.) whenever you’d like.

Yes; however, it is advised not to do so. It could lead to problems later on.

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I’m not sure if this should go here or not, but are VAs allowed Voice Channels in Diacord servers for music or anything? Just wondering.

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Public voice channels that people may speak in are not allowed. However, a music channel is allowed as long as no one has the permission to speak in it. For more information, see the IFVARB Policies.

Screeenshot from the IFVARB Policies


Thank you…