IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

I pulled out because of people possibly waiting. I feel I need some time but I will contact an admin when I’m ready and see what they say.

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Does that include the part before you are approved by an admin to then go into the actual approval process @Jon_H?

I’m assuming you’re asking about the 45-day period. It may not even apply to your case if you were able to cancel before an initial phase review by an admin, which seems to be the case from my end. Best ask an admin to make sure (or one of them might reply here shortly anyway.)

Thanks very much!

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If I got this right, then this table will help you.

Phase Notes
Phase 1 You must submit the Operations Plan and Experience Statement. It is recommended that you have the website ready, something that will help you with the approval process as you’ll receive feedback faster. If you don’t have it ready, then the entire group will wait for your to submit it. That’s really up to you and how fast you want your VA/VO to get approved.*
Phase 2 If you are approved by an Admin, you’ll enter the waiting stage. You will be able to edit the website until you get picked up by one of the leaders.
Phase 3 You work alongside with your leader and assigned group. You will be able to edit your website, however you will have to follow our feedback, otherwise, the website will not meet the required standards and you will not get approved.
* I highly recommend having it ready, as it gives the impression to us that you care about your VA/VO & shows your excitement and willingness to become a successful CEO.