IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

How do you see who is on a IFVARB blacklist?

Here you go!

Being that my VA is in Star Alliance (Croatia Virtual Airlines), I have partnered with many VAs that are also in Star Alliance (some are IFVARB Approved and some not). Should I wait until my airline is IFVARB Approved to formally implement these codeshares or can I do it now?

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It would be better to wait till you’re formally approved before discussing codeshares with other Star Alliance VAs. There’s no rush to do so, take your time! :)

Ok sounds good, thank you.

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You’re not allowed to codeshare with non approved VAs in the first place

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But I’m not necessarily planning on coming back I’m just thinking what if I have a change of heart or something

If you cannot devote enough time towards the CEO position then you need to step down. It is not fair to the VA that you are running if you cannot be active all the time. Sure a week or two of time off here and there is fine. But taking an extended LOA and not passing up ownership could lead your VA to a bad place in terms of quality, activity, etc.

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I have one question regarding vo applications and requirements. How long would it take usually on a typical basis for a application to be reviewed and finished. Also my second question is, if we do apply and lets say we didn’t pass, will you guys give us feedback on what to fix or improve then once we fulfill those requirements given in the feedback and do everything needed and told by you guys, would we just re-apply or is there a special way of doing it in this situation. Obviously my VO that some friends and I are making is not even near that stage yet, we were just wondering so we would sort of know the deal and a little bit more about what this specific area of the application process.


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Personally, my VA took 5 months founding to approval. It may take longer or shorter depending how much time you can/will put into the VA. As for the process rejection, you would have to fix what you did not present well in your review before you reapply. I believe there is a time limit to reapply, however someone may correct me if I’m wrong regarding anything I’ve said.

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When you submit a application, it will first be reviewed by the team to verify you fulfil all the requirements and you will be informed via the IFC within 48-72 hours. Once these information has been verified, IFVARB members would start giving feedback on your VA website, operations etc. There is no specific time of how long your VO would take to be approved as it depends on the person applying and how fast they adjust to the feedback given. Some VA/VOs take a month (for ours), while some may have taken a longer period of time to get approved by the IFVARB.

You would have to wait 45 days before you can re-apply. I recommend putting in your best effort in your first attempt so that you will not have to wait 45 days just to apply again.

On another note, I’ve noticed that you are currently TL1. The IFVARB requires CEOs to be a TL2 user before they can apply. Check this post out for more information on Trust Levels (TL)

I’ve linked below the requirements to apply for a VO:

The IFVARB website also contains many useful information which could potentially help in your VO development.



Is there a “quick search” feature for the watchlist/blacklist?

No, however Command/Control + F and then the user name works just fine.



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Hey y’all. In the mission statment: Staff Members: Do I need to put links to the profiles of the staff members, which ones are my staff members or the staff member positions?

When I filled out my mission statement, I just listed their IFC usernames. A link would work too.


Links are preferred mainly because we go through a lot of applications and it makes our lives easier. But we can make do with just the usernames.


I have two questions, both regarding vAloha. One is are they still active? I cannot find their thread on the IFC. The other is if they are active, would one be allowed to make a Hawaiian Airlines VA? Thanks!

Yes, they are still active according to the IFVARB database. You can contact their CEO, @Gwen.

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Thank you! Do you happen to have an answer to my second question?