IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Hmm… Maybe just wait. The website most likely isn’t updated every hour ;)

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I’m already waiting a week to be reviewed. They are most probably busy with their real life… Nothing that I can do about it… :-)

Have you PMed an IFVARB Adman?

No, because I don’t want to look like a guy that want his VA to be reviewed NOW. They are just busy, they will look at it when they’ll have some time.

Ok. It’s good to be patient :)

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You also have to remember that most of them are probably at Flight sim expo and they have personal lives also.

Yeah, I know. 😊

Sorry all, I am currently reviewing my applications at my gate in MCO, I’ll get back to my applicants ASAP.


I’ve got a question about the VA I put in for. I put in a request for High Sky Virtual and even though it says I was approved by admins I never got a DM on the forums. Any idea why that is?

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No problem, take your time. :)

My question is, our VA applied a while ago, and we still have a few weeks left, but all of these VA’s that applied after us have been approved before us. We have provided all of the necessary documents, and I am just wondering if there is a reason for this


Patience is key.

This goes for you and for all above. We admins and members of the Ifvarb board have lives. We can’t dedicate every hour of every day to our IFVARB jobs, when we have other commitments outside of Infinite Flight.

While we do keep in mind the number of days you have left in the application process, we will ensure that we enact in a fair way if it comes to you running out of time. Whether that means we grant you an exception or anything along those lines, we will make sure you get a fair opportunity to get your VA through the process and all started up.


Thank you Chris!


Probably an error on our part, I’ll PM you.


Am I allowed as CEO to be staff in another VA?

No, CEOs can only be staff in one va, which is their own, I’m not sure about being a pilot though

The answer is located some posts above…

Thank you!

Hello! My VO is currently awaiting approval. I’ve started a Staff application thread. Just wondering when I’ll be able to accept pilots into my VO?


@IFliPlanes Unless you are certain of an answer, do not reply on this thread.

@Luke_L You must wait until your VA has been certified to accept pilots. You may bring on staff members once you’ve made it to the awaiting review stage. Hope this helps.