IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Let me know if you need any help!

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Just to confirm, you’re only allowed to be staff at one VA, correct?


Yes. 1 position at a time. 3 month cool down between jobs

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That is correct.

If your going to become a staff at a VA that isn’t approved yet and you can’t become a staff, because of some reasons. Do I have to wait for the cooldown period??

If you never were officially a staff member, I don’t think this applies. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

If any board member can confirm that^. Please and thanks.

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If you officially become a staff member, no matter what, you must wait the 90 day cooldown after you resign.


@BluePanda900 I’d like to file a formal report, how am I able to go about this?

Send a PM to @IFVARB.


Hi i need someone who knows about a website please.

Hello! I made a website for free for my VA by using wix.com. I really suggest this website maker :)

Yeah i know about wix but i dont how to do em separates pages like a crew center and etc. :(

This could be handy for you:

You can also use my website as inspiration if you want to.

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When getting approved what is the next step and how do I show that my va is certified

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What do you mean by approved? Approved to continue to the next stage or approved from the IFVARB?

If you don’t know, you to ifvarb.com and go to reservation status and type in your reservation code you have received at the beginning of your VA’s accepted application.

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Yes, I know what it is

I meant IFVARB approved

Ok, I guess you answered my question

Once you’re IFVARB approved and have completed the whole process, you can make your own thread and begin operations for your VA/VO.