IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

hey chris , how’s you new role

It is going well, thank you

Hey chris, can I PM you

I thought being on the watch list means you cant be staff? How come @TY_PLAY is able to be COO at SAVA?

you can , just not black list


I earn that role because I prove my self to the Founder and president that I deservers that role, I spent mean hours of my time helping SAVA make a return to the IFC

So if I’m on the watchlist I can be staff at One VA?

yes , but not black list

Okay, thank you for your help

Can a person no longer on the IFC be staff?

They must have an active IFC account. So no.

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Thanks for the quick response.

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If I want to start a VA, but suddenly realize I just don’t have the time while I’m in the middle of the approving process, can I give the ownership of the VA to someone else? Or do I need to wait to be approved?


That is indeed possible, this has also been done with Airbus Virtual. Good luck!

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Okay, thanks :)

how many VAs currently exists?
Was just inquisitive!

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Currently there are 82 approved VA/VOs. You can find more below.


Hey all, currently have a virtual airline in the works. Wondering whether I should send my documents, list of employees etc to a thread like this or just straight to the IFVARB board. If so which is the best method to contact the board? I’ve seen lots of options and I’m just looking for a little guidance. Thanks!

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Have you applied it yet? If so, you would be contacted by an admin in your region. That is who you’d ask your questions too. You can learn about the process below.