IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

I think another possible solution could be joining a VA which flies in the non-pro regions. An example would be an airline that serves inter-California flights as non-subscribers can fly within that area, with aircraft like the 737 and A321!

What californian region VAs are there

I wouldn’t see the point of having a Virtual Airline/Organisation for non-pro members.

  • First off, your pilots would be limited to what and where they’re able to fly
  • They won’t have access to the live servers so events wouldn’t be able to happen
  • They wouldn’t be eligible to partner with other VA/VO’s as it would be a bit pointless if you can’t fly with anyone, access certain aircraft or worldwide destinations.
  • They would only be able to fly in the solo mode, (By themselves).
  • If you were to start a VA/VO with a number of pilots who don’t have subscriptions, it sounds more of a flying group rather then a Virtual Organisation/Airline.

I’m not trying to poke the bear, sound rude or harshly criticise in what I’ve said above, I just don’t see the point of this one. I’m not saying I don’t like the idea, but I just don’t think this needs to go through the IFVARB.

I do agree with these new IFVARB rules and they were needed as the community continues to grow.

  • Before these new rules were emplaced, it would be difficult for some VA/VO’s to hire staff who are committed to a VA/VO, as many would-be enrolled in two or more roles and weren’t performing the best. Starting a VA/VO is very hard work, it can be difficult to succeed when your team has multiple roles and comes & goes when pleases.

  • In actual fact, I do think this will help small VA/VO’s. When looking for a team of staff you would want dedicated, passionate staff members. However, with this rule being emplaced you won’t have staff come & go. You’ll find dedicated and passionate staff who’ll put effort into your VA/VO. From this, if you’re backed by a great team who puts the work in (including CEO’s) your VA/VO is most likely to succeed.

I do apologies if I went overboard with this,


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You just have to look for which aircraft we have in the app, and what airlines have VAs! There are also quite a few other regions so you could look at those too.


Hey guys, I’m curious as to the maximum amount of subsidiaries one CEO is allowed to claim under their VA?
Cheers in advance,

Any paired to the real world airline.

@anon21968459 Has Ohana (Called Hopper in the VA for legal reasons) under it, so it’s part of the VA.

@QantasVirtualGroup has JetStar, so they’re allowed to use Jetstar under their VA.

@VirginGroupVA has the 3 Virgin Airlines, so they have that in their VA. So I think there is no limit as long as it’s realistic to your real-world counterpart.

Get it? (kinda)

For Fictional VAs, idk.

It is at board discretion as we will judge the reasonableness of each claim individually based on real-world circumstances.


I’ve a question that is in my mind for a while now. It’s about the “new” IFVARB policies.

If the VA shuts down, do you as a staff member who didn’t left the VA need to wait 90 days until you can be staff at a VA again?

Does the 90 days wait till you can be staff again also counts if you are removed as staff?

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It’s 90 days if you’re removed from staff at a VA. It’s 6 months if you are the CEO @Infinite_Qantas.

Thank you, do you also have the answer for the question above it?

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Well, I think it’s IFVARB’s decision, because I don’t see how the staff shouldn’t be allowed to join another staff if the CEO shuts down the VA…

I think @Chris_Hoover will have a better answer for you. As of now, no idea, and even if like to know in detail.

Yes, you must wait 90 days.


I have another concern.

There is a circle saying 45% in the reviewal stage. It says that’s the waiting list.

However, something weird is that I know someone whose VA started in October and his waiting list percentage is also 45%, just like my VA, which started in November (almost a month’s difference).

That just means your VA/VO and the other VA/VO are both on the waiting list. Even if the other person’s VA/VO was on the list since October and yours since November, the waiting list time will vary between each VA/VO.

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Alright! Thanks for the help @Niccckk!

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When’s the ifvarb summit

January 18th.

Thank you so much