IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

I don’t think it really has to do with the IFVARB but more so with the actual Discourse, however I am also interested in seeing the response.

Finnair VA (My VA) did it when we were still waiting for approval :)

Same with EIVA and SAVA

I have a question, can founder and ceo be different person?
If yes, can the founder apply the VA instead of ceo?

I believe so.

You are not allowed to use the staff request thread. That is only for VAs in the middle of the certification process.

You can recruit staff by posting announcements on your ifc thread, social media’s and websites.


I would’ve appreciated to know that it is not allowed to post for the approved VAs there before I have posted the staff request and it was deleted without any further comment.

The regulations mentioned above are not saying explicitly that it is not allowed to post for IFVARB approved VAs. I would kindly ask to add this point to the list then, so we can prevent such disputes in the future.

“…this thread can be used by any prospective VAs that are in the IFVARB approval process…”

Moreover, someone had already asked here once and an answer was given. If you were not so sure, you could have checked this thread and find the answer you were looking for.


If the application in question is a revision of a rejected application and is substantively identical to the prior one, it will be rejected and the 45-day waiting period will reset.

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Can the holiday cool down end January 30

Alot of smaller va’s are suffering under this new rule

You do know they are permanent, right? It’s not because of the holidays.

No really how come

Can we at least have a shorter time

Just wondering, why is the time to wait if your VA was rejected 45 days?

We don’t want to start nothing but the time to wait is a bit long

The ifvarb will not be changing these policies at this time.

@Aero it is 45 days because we want the CEOs to ensure that they are putting effort into redoing their applications.


I think elections should be a thing so we can form our own kind of democracy


@Aero Just to add-on to what @Chris_Hoover said, from personal experience of waiting, it’s really a time to think on how you failed, and how you can make it better, and achieve access to the next step. So don’t think of it as a “Punishment for not putting effort”, but more of a reflection period.


I like your thinking, but the IFVARB is not a democracy. Therefore we don’t hold elections.


@TY_PLAY and @Chris_Hoover,

In a sense, the IFVARB is our democracy. IFVARB’s representatives are basically our own community representatives who choose the best for all in the IFC!