IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Chris is busy doing other things I’m sure, so I’ll answer this for you.

While you are allowed to be Staff at another VA while you’re not a CEO of another, if you’ve started the process, I’d recommend you wait for your VA to get approved, else you won’t be staff at that other VA for very long.

Assuming you mean how long the process takes, it really depends. It can take very little time, and it can also take more time than some other VAs. Please be patient.

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From reservation to certification, it took my VA 5 months, two weeks, and one day.

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I have one question:

Till the IFVARB policy goes into effect, we can still have staff join us from other VAs (closed VAs), right?

If they were staff in a now closed VA, then they aren’t staff anywhere.

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If they were staff of recently closed VAs, can they join another VA as staff until December 6th (IFVARB policies)?

Check the IFVARB policies list.

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Thanks @Altaria55!

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IFVARB thank you so much for the staff policy, honestly VA’s can have so much trouble keeping staff active because they are staff at way to many places and this fixes that problem. This policy is going to make staff so much more commited to VA’s in the long run and not just have them bounce around to build up their resume and become staff at “better VA’s” ect.

This one is for you IFVARB

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Hi guys, When I submit the VA application, I didn’t notice that Operation Plan and EXPERIENCE Statement need to use Google documents. Can I replace the docs link of this application?

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As you know, Google services are not available in China, so I had to use other document services until I get the VPN.

I think the “must use Google Docs” is not friendly to China and other countries in the world that cannot use Google service.

Any solutions?

I already answered this question in a PM with you, I don’t understand why you’re asking it again here.


Can I get added I am a flight manager for NSV

Only upper staff (CEO/COO, President/Vice President/Deputy President) are generally allowed into the Slack.

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Oh thank you

All requests go through a VA’s CEO, please contact your’s for more information.

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My Staff Request Reply in the Request Thread somehow disappeared. Any reasons for that? (LOT VA)

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The prospective staff request thread is for VAs that are in the approval process only

LOTVA is an IFVARB approved VA so it can be put in your thread :)

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I could witness many replies by approved VAs. Example: Aer Lingus, Star Alliance Virtual, Finnair
In the regulations it wasn’t mentioned explicitly that IFVARB approved VAs are not allowed to post there.

What are the alternatives for an approved VA to hire Staff then?

Happened to me before too - I messaged a mod/IFVARB and and they couldn’t do anything about it (my VA was still in the approval process). Always make sure you have a copy on your device of your VA’s prospective thread.

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I have trust into the professionalism of the Regulatory Board and would expect a response on that to clear everything out.