IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Can ones VA website have pictures non aviation related E.x Beaches for Title backgrounds

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Yes. There is nothing against it. Your website design is up to you.

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Hi everyone, I’ve applied to create my VA - 10 Tanker Air Carrier Virtual but I don’t see her on the Reserved Virtual Airlines and Organizations page ?

When you send in an Application for a VA, an Admin needs to approve the Application. This is the start of the process.

If you haven’t received a PM from one of the Admins yet, it means that haven’t approved your application. yet

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You are still TL0 new user. You are not supposed to apply for a VA until you get promoted to TL2 (member). Did you read all the information about creating a VA/VO in the IFVARB website?


Have A Question About Applications?

Well then be sure to check out our most recent post on the IFVARB info thread as it provides information regarding application necessities and quality.


I was wondering if someone from IFVARB could elaborate on what the difference is between the blacklist and watchlist? As I understand it the watchlist is a recommendation and the blacklist is a list of whom you actually aren’t allowed to admit to VA’s, is this correct?

Hi, having recently given it some thought and research i am keen to begin the process of creating a VA. I have checked that it is available and i have read the process. My only concern is i qpuld be the CEO and this requires me to have gained member level 2 here in the IFC forum. This is simple but obviously requires me to spend more time on the forum interacting. This is simple to most but to me who is dyslexic i often spend most of my time spectating and not really replying to post on the IFC due to a lack of confidance. I dl believe i have the necessary skills to create amd run a VA with the right team behind me are there any helpful tips on upping my member level other than physocally replying to post?

@flyingCHIMP Unfortunately not - but remember; there’s always programs like Grammarly and autocorrect (integrated into most devices) to help you with your spelling. That should help you boost your confidence and be able to required the needed TL2 to become a VA CEO.

It seems that one message got your your desired TL. I look forward to seeing your upcoming VA!

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Thankyou im fairly new to forums even though many of my hobbies are organised through forums i really try to keep away! It it becoming easier for me to navigate around and i usually have my documents proof read before publishing by a team but in this case im going at it alone because i really feel passionate about my idea. Thanks again

Actually, it seems you have been the required TL since May.


I am still ‘member’ to procced to the reservation stage i must jave attained member level2?

Member is TL2.

It goes like this:

TL0 - New
TL1 - Basic
TL2 - Member
TL3 - Regular
TL4 - Leader

Foot in mouth moment… i was adamant there was x2 levels of ‘member’ kicking myself right now but that has certainly beightened my day up! Cant wair to start the process. Thankyou all for your quick replies you’ve made my day!

Really happy chimp right now


You are correct.

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How do I become staff at the IFVARB?

They are privately chosen and don’t take requests.

Oh ok thanks

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@Chris_Hoover is a CEO of a VA in the approval process allowed to be a staff member in another VA while there VA is waiting to be Approved? And how long until I Beginn the process?