IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

This question might have been asked loads of times, don’t get mad.

What are the ways that a VA can ask for staff members (other than the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread)? Or is it the only way?

I believe that it is one of the only ways, other than other Slack or Discord servers, but no official ones. Or PM people but that would be a bit random.

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It is not the only way, but it is the most efficient way, as many people who want to be staff at a VA or VO will view that thread regularly. You can also ask friends on the IFC etc.


Thanks for the tips!

Hello, just a quick question. I am currently working on the operations plan as its one of the requirements to send an application, however, I see that it mentions that I must have a staff team. Am I allowed to recruit before I submit an application or do I have to wait to get approved?

If you have close friends that you may ask via PM, that is perfectly okay. You may also submit the application without any staff and choose to recruit later, by means of the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread. No need to worry about finding staff right now, but if you can, it would be great.

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Okay, thanks for the help, I’m assuming that I can leave that part blank then?

If you don’t have any staff, at least put the vacant positions that need to be filled.

Hold up, I just got an important question. Does Phase 2 include the Awaiting Review process?

That’s right, everything there is detailed what Thomas_G sent!

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Thanks a lot!

and why the merc😔 Forza Ferrari

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Hey there! Is a graphics designer considered IFVARB recognized staff? Or can someone volunteer to do it?

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It is considered a staff position. For future reference, check IFVARB.com and go to the staff recruitment section. Then, you will be able to browse all the recognised staff positions.

Thank you ;)

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Yes; however, it is advised not to.

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Thanks @Thunderbolt

Hello, I just want to suggest an idea.

Perhaps it would be most beneficial for someone or IFVARB to make a list of VAs that have been filtered out to join by, grade or/and age.

I’m currently searching for Grade 2 VAs and it’s extremely difficult to go back and forth from the iFVARB website to the IFC to search up their thread.

Just an idea!

If this already exists please share it with me!


Hi @fly.akm, a very good idea. ill bring it up to the person that works on the site and see what we can do.


Awesome! Thanks!

I thought of another aspect.

Filter by grade/age.

AND form of communication, as in Slack or Discord, maybe you guys could. go as far as the newest/oldest VA. The most popular to the least popular, etc.

Possibilities are endless!