IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Nope, just 13. The VARB looks at you maturity as a factor of letting you start a VA.


Who can I contact regarding creating a VO?

What do you mean?

I have questions regarding the creation of a Virtual Organization, specifically a flight school.

You can ask them here… This is a questions thread only :)

Well you are always free to create one, as long as it isn’t too similar to any other VO’s, basically the name has to be different. Head over to the IFVARB.com website and go through and read the entire application process. That part is crucial as you need a clear head and a lot of time to make it happen.

Not really true, I couldn’t make an American Airlines Virtual with a slightly different name could I?

If you fully read the text I said

Basically meaning that there are tons of flight school VO’s so he couldn’t make it too similar to the other ones, basically the name has to be different. The IFVARB isn’t just gonna have 1 VO all about Flight schools like how VA’s are, because these are VO’s

Can 1 person be staff at two different VA’s


No, you can only be staff at one VA.

PS: If you choose to leave your staff position at a VA, you must wait for at least 3 months before you can take up another staff position at any other VA.

For more information on the IFVARB policies, feel free to refer to IFVARB.com/policies.php.


Thanks for answering


Can have someone as staff who is already staff in another VA?

Each staff member came only be staff in ONE VA


How long does it take once a VA/VO is approved. Does this mean they get there own thread after they are approved or does that come at the end of the certification process?

Threads are allowed after final approval, which comes at the end of the certification process.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @Danman it does!

One more question, I see that all the IFVARB approved vas and vos on your website are listed. Does that come after then end too?

That is correct, the list will auto-populate.

Ok. Thanks for your help!

Oh I forgot to ask, since you already know about my VO etc. I was just wondering since we are already using PHPVMS for a crew center. Does anyone or you know of any other software or code that people use? Thanks!

A number of VAs use VABase (paid), VAM (free), Flare (free, subscription available) or Airtable (free). phpVMS is most common though, as it’s easy and free to use.