IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Hey, again. I am interested on making a VA/ VA group. It will be named British Airways Group. There is already a BA VA, so, will I get approved?

Yes there is. And it’s one of the biggest and innovative VA within Infinite Flight. You can check their thread below:

Yes, I know. I am asking you that because they are the BA VA, will I get approved?

No, that is considered a duplicate and will not be accepted.


If I wanted to make a post to see if anyone wanted to help making a VA/VO would I put it in the #live:va Not sure if this counts a VA question but anything helps

If you would to start a VA from scratch, you should try to find someone on your own to help you out. Once you get approved to enter the waiting stage, you are more than allowed to post in the following topic to seek staff:

dont bother I applied and it got rejected due to copyright reasons. Ill save you the time!

Although you can try and there is a slight chance it might get approved

Hey, I applied in the website but I had to apply multiple times because the email was wrong and I wasn’t receiving it. Sorry for any inconvenience

What application are you referring to? We can take a look for you, please DM us.


Just have a quick question regarding this IFVARB policy.
Staff members who resign from a VA/VO are barred from holding any other VA/VO staff position for 90 days after their resignation
Does this include returning to the same VA that the staff member had resigned from? For example, if someone resigned from their current staff position but then after a couple of weeks or so decided they miss it or something and want to return, is that okay?
Thanks in advance :)



Just a suggestion, Would it be possible to put the watchlist link on the top menu bar on IFVARB.com? I feel like that’s a bit too important to be put in a footnote.

In your case, I think it’d just be better to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) with your VA/VO if you need a few days/weeks.

How do you see who is on a IFVARB blacklist?

Here you go!

Being that my VA is in Star Alliance (Croatia Virtual Airlines), I have partnered with many VAs that are also in Star Alliance (some are IFVARB Approved and some not). Should I wait until my airline is IFVARB Approved to formally implement these codeshares or can I do it now?

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It would be better to wait till you’re formally approved before discussing codeshares with other Star Alliance VAs. There’s no rush to do so, take your time! :)

Ok sounds good, thank you.

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You’re not allowed to codeshare with non approved VAs in the first place

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But I’m not necessarily planning on coming back I’m just thinking what if I have a change of heart or something

If you cannot devote enough time towards the CEO position then you need to step down. It is not fair to the VA that you are running if you cannot be active all the time. Sure a week or two of time off here and there is fine. But taking an extended LOA and not passing up ownership could lead your VA to a bad place in terms of quality, activity, etc.

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